We made Cristina Scabbia cry. But before you send the Italian gothic brigade to our offices, let us begin by stating that it wasn’t our fault. If there were regulations governing fur farms in China, where farmers can house and slaughter animals however they see fit, undercover investigators never would have had the chance to make the video that eventually landed in Cristina’s lap. She would’ve been spared from haunting images of animals who are still alive and desperately struggling when workers hang them up by their legs and skin them. Instead, Cristina could have just gone about making fine music with Lacuna Coil, and everything would’ve been peachy. But we are not the ones to blame. The truth behind this cruelty is to blame—and you don’t have to take our word for it. Cristina has plenty to say.

Why are you interested in working with peta2?

I love animals, and I think that some things are totally cruel. I’m against fur, for example. I think that it’s stupid to harm an animal just to look better.

We hear that you watched our Chinese fur farm video. What were your thoughts?

I have to say that after a minute, I started to cry. I couldn’t finish it because it was so … wow—to see people doing that stuff to animals with no regret, just like they were reading a book, was the most horrible thing. When I saw the scene where they were taking the fur and the animals were still alive, it was … oh, God—don’t even make me think about it!

Sorry, it’s a horrible video.

But I definitely think it’s something that you have to talk about. You have to help people understand that although the aesthetical thing can be important, you can have it all without killing animals for fur. You can get fake furs that are much better than the real ones. You can find many shops with fake fur. I have many jackets that you can’t even tell are fake.

What would you suggest to somebody who wants to find out more about what’s happening to animals in the fur industry?

I got the video from friends who saw it first and wanted to show me what was going on, and then I sent it to friends. So I think that the word-of-mouth thing is the best. If you just say to people, “Go there [to a Web site],” most of the time, people will have something different to do and forget. I think the best thing is that when you see something wrong—when you see a video that touches your soul, or when you see something around you going on—just spread the word and let people know what’s going on.

What do you think that your fans can do to help animals?

First of all, they have to understand that all animals have feelings—they have a heart, they have breath, and they love you, especially dogs and cats. They will never betray you—they will always stay at your side.

Cristina joins a long list of celebs who are speaking out against fur, including P!nk, Tommy Lee, Le Tigre, Heather Mills McCartney, Simple Plan, Charlize Theron, Dennis Rodman, Pamela Anderson, David Cross, and Amy Sedaris. Additionally, many top fashion retailers have adopted fur-free policies, including J.Crew, H&M, and Forever 21. Take your own fur-free pledge.