If you were to describe your personality via Weezer tracks, would you consider yourself more Green Album or Pinkerton? Weezer fans could likely debate the question endlessly, but bassist Scott Shriner knows exactly the songs that best pay homage to his adopted “kids,” Calvin and Peanut—not to be mistaken with his human kid, Tariku.

According to his interview with peta2, if Shriner’s dog Calvin were a Weezer song, he’d be “Hash Pipe.” In addition to the “interesting street references” the song conjures up, Calvin also has a tough “Hash Pipe” way about him as he struts down the streets of Los Angeles. Alternately, Calvin’s buddy Peanut calls to mind the more downtrodden melodies of “Tragic Girl,” a once forgotten about track from the Pinkerton sessions. Both rescued Cairn terriers appear alongside the longtime Weezer bassist in a print ad for peta2, along with the campaign slogan “Adopt. Don’t Shop.”

Scott Shriner of Weezer "Adopt, Don't Shop" PSA

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Considering that Shriner’s wife was adopted and the couple’s son was adopted, it seemed like a no-brainer to head to a shelter rather than a pet store when it came time to add a couple of canines to the mix. “I guarantee you there’s a dog that you’re looking for out there that needs a home already,” Shriner says in the video. “My wife’s adopted, my son’s adopted, the dogs are adopted—and we made this amazing family. … We all fit perfectly together.”

Statistics show that of the 6 to 8 million dogs and cats who enter U.S. animal shelters every year, half will be euthanized. Purchasing an animal from a pet store or breeder instead of saving an animal already in need of a home only keeps that cycle going. If you’re looking to add a “Tragic Girl” to your life—or maybe a “Buddy Holly” or a “Cleopatra”—join Scott Shriner and adopt! Don’t shop.

What does Scott Shriner jam to when he hits the streets with Calvin and Peanut?
Check out the “Dog Walk” playlist he made for peta2!


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