Last week we told you a little about Juliette West—a dedicated, passionate, and inspired teenager who has taken upon herself to speak up for elephants here and around the world. From speaking out against circuses that use and abuse animals (hear that, Ringling?) to fighting against trekking camps and rescuing an elephant in Thailand, Juliette is a unique spirit.

Juliette’s documentary How I Became an Elephant, is making its rounds in the film festival circuit and wowing audiences everywhere—even inspiring one movie goer to go vegan on the spot! A few months ago, peta2 staffer Ryan sat down with Juliette in Los Angeles to ask her some questions about her journey, the plight of elephants around the world, and the future.

Want to know when How I Became an Elephant is screening near you? Check out the official website for updates.

What do you think of Juliette?