Australian singer-songwriter Xavier Rudd sees the world as a sacred place. As a musician, an activist, and even an avid surfer, his music marries thought-provoking themes and concepts, actively representing his conscience and spirit. Also an ever-affectionate vegetarian, Xavier has partnered with peta2 for an awesome new ad!

xavier rudd vegetarian testimonial for peta2

“All life deserves to be free. Help save the planet and more than 100 animals every year by going vegetarian,” states Xavier’s ad. Animals destined to live on factory farms, however, will never know what freedom is like. The mechanized farms that produce the majority of the meat, dairy, and eggs consumed in the U.S. are set up for quantity over comfort. What that leads to is a LOT of animals crammed into inadequate, filthy spaces where disease runs rampant. Pesticides and antibiotics, which remain in the animals’ bodies and are passed onto the people who consume them, are used to keep the animals alive in such horrendous conditions.

Also detrimental to the environment, factory farms produce billions of pounds of manure each day. All that waste ends up in rivers, lakes, and drinking water. According to the United Nations, factory farming is one of the biggest contributors to the most serious environmental problems at every level, from local to global. For anyone with a higher consciousness about the Earth and its creatures, a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is the best way to save animals and help the Earth.