Are you an absolute slave to chocolate? Heck, I know I am! Well, enjoying your favorite candy-eating holiday doesn’t have to come at the cost of hurting animals. We’ve done our research and compiled the ultimate list of companies that sell vegan chocolate for you.

1) Lindt

Lindt Chocolate
Lindt Website 
  For all you fancy cocoa lovers, the 70% Cocoa Excellence Bar hits the SPOT.

2) Alter Eco

Alter-Eco-Chocolate Organic, delicious, AND good for the planet? Ummm … YES, PLEASE! Vegan options include the Dark Cacao, Dark Almond, Dark Blackout, and Dark Quinoa chocolate bars.

3) Sweet & Sara

Sweet-and-Sara-Chocolate These ladies are known for their yummy vegan marshmallows, but don’t miss out on their other goodies! All their products are vegan, and their chocolate varieties include Peanut Butter S’mores, Mini S’moresRocky Road Bark, and S’mores.

4) Enjoy Life

Enjoy-Life-Chocolate This company’s mission is to allow everyone to enjoy life (ha!), no matter what your diet may be. And, boy, is the chocolate delish! Vegan options include the Mega Chunks, Mini Chips, and the Boom Choco Boom Dark and Boom Choco Boom Rice Milk chocolate bars.

5) Trader Joe’s

Dark Chocolate from Anna at the hospital | Ann Larie Valentine | CC BY-SA 2.0 
  Who doesn’t love good ol’ T.J.’s? And now, you’ll love it even more! Vegan options include the Pound Plus Bittersweet Bar, the 70% Dark Chocolate Bar, and the Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips.

6) Endangered Species

Endangered-Species-Chocolate Not only are these chocolates vegan, 10 percent of the proceeds go toward wildlife conservation! Vegan options include the Organic Dark Chocolate bars, Organic Dark Bug Bites, and Organic Dark Chimp Mints.

7) Go Max Go

Go Max Go Chocolate
Go Max Go Foods Website 
  Remember all those candies you grew up loving (Reese’s, Twix, etc.)? Well, they’re back—and they’re VEGAN! In fact, all this company’s products are vegan. Try its Thumbs Up, Snap!, Jokerz, Buccaneer, Twilight, and Mahalo chocolate bars and Cleo’s Peanut Butter Cups.

8) Newman’s Own

Newmans-Own-Chocolate This classic company makes simple products that are PACKED with cocolicious goodness! Vegan options include the Dark, Super Dark, Espresso Dark, and Orange Dark bars as well as the Super Dark Cups With Raspberry Centers.

9) Chocolove

Chocolove Chocolate
Chocolove Website 
  These giant bars are big enough for two people to enjoy, so grab a friend and dive in! Vegan options include the Orange Peel in Dark Chocolate, Cherries & Almonds in Dark Chocolate, Ginger Crystallized in Dark Chocolate, and Raspberries in Dark Chocolate bars.

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