Whether you’re living at home with your parents, moving into your dorm room, or sharing a new place with your besties, it’s never been easier to veganize your living space without stepping on your nonvegan friends’ and family members’ toes.

veganize your house

1. Vegan Food FTW

Believe it or not, this part is pretty easy. Chances are, your roomies and/or parents are already stocking your fridge full of deli meats, milk, mayo, cheese, etc. But guess what? Vegan versions of all these foods exist!

Ask your parents to switch out a few brands with their cruelty-free counterparts or just volunteer to do the grocery shopping yourself—that way, you’ll have have some control over what does (and what doesn’t) make it into your cruelty-free kitchen.

Dead animals in your fridge? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

vegan food

vegan meats

vegan cheese

vegan food in freezer

BONUS: Who says the outside of your fridge can’t kick ass for animals, too? Pick up a FREE Sharon Needles magnet featuring her recent PETA ad and stick that sucka where everyone can see it!

decorate your fridge

2. Fauxtastic Furniture

Would you sit on a couch made from human flesh? Duh, of course not. So, why would you want to sit on a couch made from the flesh of any animal? With every piece of leather furniture you buy, you sentence an animal to a lifetime of suffering.

faux leather couch

Faux-leather and faux-suede furniture are way cheaper than the real deal (selling point for parents and college kids alike!), and they look exactly the same as their fleshy counterparts. It’s a total win-win situation, y’all.

3. Animal-Friendly Artwork

What you hang on your walls says quite a bit about your personality. Am I right? Speak up for animals without saying a word simply by hanging animal rights and pro-vegan posters in your room (or your whole home, if you can!). Check out companies like A Wonderful Name and Herbivore to turn your walls into instant lifesavers for animals.

vegan art

vegan art

vegan art

vegan art

4. Be Clean and Cruelty-Free

As hard as it is to believe, some companies still think that it’s OK to torture animals in cruel household-product and cosmetic tests even though the rest of the world is moving away from these cruel methods and toward modern, non-animal methods.

Instead of wiping down your counters—and your body—with killer products (literally), pick up cruelty-free cleaning supplies and toiletries instead. Not sure which companies don’t test on animals? Check out our Cruelty-Free Shopping Guide!

vegan cleaning supplies

vegan cleaning supplies

cruelty-free toiletries

5. Furry Friends

This doesn’t really need an explanation, right? No home is complete without a rescued furry friend or two or three (if you have the time and means to care for them). Adopt your new best friend today! 

rescued cats

We told you it was easy!

Want to get a jump-start on cruelty-free shopping for your casa? Order peta2’s Cruelty-Free Pocket Shopping Guide today!

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