Deciding to go vegan (or simply eating more vegan meals) might seem a little overwhelming when you’re starting out. One good approach can be to think of all the things that you eat normally and then just swap them for the meat-, egg-, and dairy-free versions. ✨ Swapportunity is knocking!

Here are 20 animal-derived foods that you might be eating and 20 delicious plant-derived replacements. And even though you’ll be pulling the old switcheroo on yourself, these swaps are so spot on that you still won’t notice. #TrickYoSelf.

1. Instead of Dairy Milk, Drink Almond Breeze Almondmilk by Blue Diamond

There are so many varieties of nondairy milk, but this one is really popular, so it’s an easy place to start. You can use plant-based milk for drinking, baking, cooking, pouring over cereal, or whatever else you like to do with milk. “What a simple swap!” you’ll surely exclaim.

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Plan ahead with overnight oats.

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2. Instead of Bacon, Eat Vegan, Non-GMO Benevolent Bacon by Sweet Earth

Bacon is made from pigs’ bellies, when everyone knows that bellies are for rubbing—not eating … unless you’re a zombie, I guess. Sweet Earth’s Benevolent Bacon is made of seitan (which is made from wheat) and tastes great in BLTs or alongside tofu scrambles.

See more vegan bacon options here.

3. Instead of Sliced American Cheese Made From Cow’s Milk, Eat American-Style Slices by Follow Your Heart

These slices come in all the classic cheese flavors—I’m talkin’ Mozzarella, Pepper Jack, Provolone, and Smoked Gouda. They have all the sliced cheesy fun and none of the animal abuse. What more could ya want? Shreds? Blocks? Parmesan? Well, you got it, buddy! Follow Your Heart makes all of that.

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I've officially eaten too many of these ??

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 4. Instead of Ranch Dressing, Eat High Omega Vegan Ranch by Follow Your Heart

After I pictured warm ranch dripping from a cow’s udder, ? I decided to ditch dairy-based ranch and follow my heart.  ? Vegan ranch dressing, it’s been an absolute pleasure doing business and I look forward to working with you on future projects. ?

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5. Instead of Chicken, Eat Chick’n by Gardein

Gardein Chick’n satisfies in the form of Seven Grain Crispy Tenders, Crispy Chick’n Patties, and even Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n, Teriyaki Chick’n Strips, and other flavors. Your days of gnawing on birds’ breasts, wings, and legs are over—and I’m SO excited for you!

See more vegan chicken options here.

6. Instead of Dairy-Based Butter, Eat Buttery Spread by Earth Balance

It’s like butter, but better. Earth Balance’s Original Buttery Spread has no cholesterol—vs. 30 milligrams per serving in dairy-based butter—and less than half the saturated fat of the dairy version. Oh, and its production doesn’t cause separated mother cows and calves to cry out desperately for each other. ? And no, you can’t taste the difference—but you can feel it! Look, ma, no heartburn. ?

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The fat kid in me came out before the gym this morning.

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 7. Instead of Scrambled Eggs, Eat Tofu Scrambles

Simply crumble up some firm tofu and add seasoning—garlic powder, pepper, table salt, and a little black salt. You can even add turmeric to make it yellow. Then, just heat it up in a skillet with a little oil. Now we’re cookin’!

See more vegan egg options here.

8. Instead of Dairy-Based Boxed Mac and Cheese, Eat Vegan Boxed Mac and Cheese by Daiya

Have you got the blues? The cows who are suffering on dairy farms and being exploited for Kraft’s and Annie’s mac and cheese definitely have. If you love eating yummy mac and cheese and you don’t want cows to be raped, abused, and killed (???), Daiya’s Deluxe Cheddar Style Cheezy Mac is for you!

See more vegan boxed mac and cheese options here.

9. Instead of Sour Cream, Eat Non-Hydrogenated Better Than Sour Cream by Tofutti

DYK that dairy-based sour cream is made by fermenting cream with bacteria that make it thick and sour? I’m cracking up at how gross that is. ?  A dollop of Daisy is a terrible choice of dollop for so many reasons. Stick with vegan sour cream, kid.

10. Instead of Hot Dogs, Eat Smart Dogs by Lightlife

The World Health Organization actually, lit-er-ally puts processed red meat (such as hot dogs) in the same category as cancer-causing substances like asbestos and cigarettes. Loophole: Smart Dogs taste just like hot dogs and aren’t a known carcinogen. Score!

See more vegan hot dog options here.

11. Instead of Frozen Pizzas With Dairy-Based Cheese, Eat Frozen Vegan Pizzas by Daiya

Daiya’s frozen vegan pizzas will have you running to the grocery store to pick up more—instead of to the bathroom, like the dairy-based pizzas that can wreak havoc on your stomach might do.  ? No, thank you, dairy-based pizza. No. Thank you.

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?day = ?day ? Hope everyone has a great weekend!!

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12. Instead of Hamburgers Made From Cow Flesh, Eat Beyond Burgers by Beyond Meat

Once you experience the Beyond Burger, burgers made from dead cows will be dead to you. With zero cholesterol, more protein and iron than meat burgers, and about half the saturated fat, these pea-protein patties are the future. To infinity and Beyond Burger!

Did I mention that they taste the way I imagine it would feel to fly through the sky leaving a rainbow trail of love in your wake that showers the Earth, while tiny fairies stand on your back and give you a massage just to be nice?

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It ain't easy being this cheesy ?: @veganfatkid

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13. Instead of Dairy-Based Ice Cream, Eat Salted Caramel Cluster Cashewmilk Frozen Dessert by So Delicious

This flavor is a personal flavorite of mine. ? It tastes just like the ice cream you used to eat but don’t anymore because you realized that savoring a cow’s frozen breast milk is weird. You don’t have to do that anymore. It’s OK … grab a spoon, honey.

See more vegan ice cream options here.

14. Instead of Parmesan, Eat Nutritional Yeast by Bragg

Parmesan cheese contains casein (as does all dairy-based cheese), and this ingredient has been found to be the most relevant cancer promoter ever discovered. But wait—Parmesan also contains rennet, and that’s curdled milk taken from the stomach of an unweaned calf. CURDLED ? MILK ? TAKEN ? FROM THE STOMACH ? OF ? AN ? UN- ? WEANED ? CALF. ?  Am I getting through to you, sailor?!

Nutritional yeast is loaded with protein and vitamin B12. And it has a cheesy flavor that goes well in tofu scrambles, in pasta dishes, on popcorn, veggies, etc. With nooch (as they say in the biz), you can stop eating curdled things out of stomachs today!

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Yesterday was a rough one, so I rested hard. I prayed, I stretched on my mat ?‍♀️and I nourished my body with oatmeal and hot tea and then this marvelous dinner inspired by @theherbivoreyogi recent post. I love that organic vegan food makes me feel so good inside and out, knowing I’m making a difference with each meal. It brings me so much comfort to honor all life forms. And it’s these simple joys I aim to stay focused on, not letting life’s details get in the way of my happiness and grounded mindset. I love you all, happy spring and happy Wednesday. Stay present and keep shining your light that burns bright from within. ?? . . . . . #MakewithMadelene #nutritionist #holisticvegan #mealplans #loveandpasta #vegan #pasta #aldente #asparagus #garlic #nutritionalyeast #bvitamins #veganiron #organic #plantbased #ahimsa #crueltyfree #dairyfree #selflove #selfcare #ilovemyself #nurture #nourish #wednesday #takeitslow #breathe #staygrounded #truehearts #bhakti #justlove

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15. Instead of Turkey, Eat Oven-Roasted Deli-Slices by Tofurky

I get it—you’ve been eating tinfoil-wrapped turkey sandwiches with the crusts cut off for lunch every day for the past decade. Using Tofurky’s oven-roasted slices hardly changes the taste of your beloved sandwiches and don’t contain dead turkey bodies—because ew. #TofurkYourself

16. Instead of the Dairy-Based Kind, Eat Almond-Based Yogurt by Kite Hill

No need to choose between ethics and yogurt—just choose between plain and tons of different flavors. Kite Hill even released a Greek-style yogurt, which is available in lots of varieties, too—all made from almonds. WOW!

See more vegan yogurt options here.

17. Instead of Mayonnaise, Eat Vegenaise by Follow Your Heart

Mayonnaise is made with eggs, which—because they often come from chickens kept locked inside tiny battery cages on disgusting egg farms before being electrocuted and stabbed in slaughterhouses—you shouldn’t eat.

Vegenaise tastes exactly like mayo, but it’s made without eggs, so … yeah.

See more vegan mayonnaise options here.

18. Instead of Dairy-Based Cream Cheese, Eat Better Than Cream Cheese by Tofutti

Vegan living doesn’t mean giving up bagels and cream cheese—the world’s best combo in the world! That would be crazy, and I’d never ask you to do that. Luckily, Tofutti helps make it possible to enjoy all the elegant flavor profiles of this iconic delicacy without eating anything that comes from exploited animals.

Pro tip: You can also try vegan cream cheese by Kite Hill.

19. Instead of Tuna, Eat Toona by Sophie’s Kitchen

Unlike cans of tuna, Toona doesn’t come from massacred fish who flailed, bled, and suffocated to death in piles on commercial fishing boats. It’s made from pea protein—ya know, from peas, which grow in a field and feel nothing when they’re harvested.

Add some Vegenaise, salt, pepper, garlic powder, a little brown mustard, and some chopped celery, and prepare to be delighted!

20. Instead of Coffee Creamer, Use Plant-Derived Half & Half by Ripple

If you wouldn’t put your mug under a cow and pull on her udder for a splash of cream in your cup of Joe—which is essentially what you’re doing when you drink cow’s milk, just with some farmers to do the dirty work—go with Ripple, the no-nipple creamer that doesn’t even require any mixing once you pour it into your coffee. And it tastes so good that I can’t even explain it.




Simple swaps are a great way to avoid having anxiety while you’re easing into a vegan life. Use this guide any time you need some help becoming the swappy mcswapperson you were meant to be. And once you’ve mastered these key plays, check out peta2’s recipes page for more easy, delicious ideas.