Mission: Remind Everyone Not to Buy Animals as Easter Gifts

Every year, breeders and bunny mills churn out baby rabbits and other small animals for consumers to buy on impulse for their Easter baskets. And every year, consumers realize after the holiday that caring for them is a whole lotta work, which leads many to abandon the animals. 😨 Help spread the word that animals are for lifenot for impulse Easter gifts. 💖

Why Are Animals Abandoned After Easter?

Breeders often don’t let buyers know how much work is needed to take care of an animal. 😒 For example, rabbits pretty much chew 24/7, as their teeth never stop growing. They also have special dietary needs. (Think less lettuce, more hay.) 🐰 Constant mental stimulation and space to run around are critical to a rabbit’s happiness, as they get depressed when confined to a cage.

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Ducklings also suffer from extreme loneliness and depression when they’re kept without at least one other member of their species—and they prefer to be part of a big squad. Because ducks relieve themselves so often, caregivers will likely need to clean up messes inside the house. 🦆🧼🧽 Rabbits and ducks can live for 10 years, so taking care of them is a serious commitment.

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When buyers realize all these things, they often get rid of the animals. 😡 They may surrender them to a shelter, leave them alone in a cage outside, or simply turn them loose outside—where they don’t stand a chance against starvation, harsh weather, and predators. 😢

How You Can Help

Please remind everyone you know that animals are a commitment—not an impulse holiday purchase. Additionally, let them know that they should adopt them instead of buying them from pet stores or breeders. 🙅 By doing these things, you’ll help prevent animals from being treated like merch and earn 15 peta2 points in our Rewards Program. 🤑 Here’s what you need to do:

1. Repost this peta2 post on IG to spread the word to your followers.

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2. Take a screenshot of your shared post and submit it for 15 peta2 points. (Heads-up: You’ll only get points once for taking this action.)

Text peta2 to 30933 for ways to help animals, tips on compassionate living, and more!

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