Summer Challenge: Hand Out 50 ‘Guide to Going Vegan’ Booklets Over Break

How can you hype the vegan lifestyle in the most efficient way possible? Our “Guide to Going Vegan” is a tool that can give you a huge advantage. 👌 Order 50 free copies using the form below and hand them out to friends, fam, and other people over summer break.

Just pick a spot in your community that has a lot of foot traffic during the summer and start leafleting. Put the guides inside books throughout your local library, set up a free library or drop off the guides in free libraries around town, hand them out at the community center or pool, or leave them on the bus or subway. Bonus: Snap some pics and submit them here for 75 peta2 points in our Rewards Program. 🤑

PETA-owned image of the Guide to Going vegan booklet from

Ready to save countless animals, help your community get healthier, and score 75 peta2 points at the same time? Order 50 copies of our “Guide to Going Vegan” today and hand them all out by the first day of school!

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