Every Animal Is Someone: How to Be Compassionate to All

We may never see eye to eye with everyone, but we can look into each other’s eyes and understand this:

1. We’re all animals.

2. All animals deserve to live free from needless pain and suffering.

3. Every animal is someone. 🐘🐄🐈🐁🚶

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Humans share this planet with millions of other species, each worthy of respect and kindness. Everyone—whether they’re a lonely elderly neighbor or a scared chicken on a truck heading to slaughter—can feel love, grief, joy, pain, fear, and hope. ❤️

Just look at these examples of how animals have unique personalities, amazing abilities, and a stunning capacity for emotions:

  • Elephants and chimpanzees mourn and cry if a family member dies. 😢
  • Fish “sing” underwater and enjoy gently rubbing against one another—like how a cat weaves in and out of your legs. 😩
  • Geese fall in love and are loyal to their partner for life, even in the face of danger. 😍
  • Many orcas in the ocean stay with their fams for life. 🐬🌊
  • Mother cows walk for miles looking for their stolen babies. 😭
  • Rats willingly risk their safety to save others. 🤯

In 2024, let’s keep building a more respectful world for all animals.

With tension and conflicts raging around the world, we should urge other humans to recognize the similarities in everyone instead of focusing on their differences. That’s why we’re gonna be using our “Every Animal Is Someone” slogan in our work to help animals. 👏

Think about animals who are cut open on laboratory tables, forced into slaughterhouses, skinned for leather, or held in cramped tanks in marine parks—each of them is someone with thoughts, feelings, and interests. Imagine if it were you or a loved one in one of these situations. 😨 Heartbreaking, right? That’s the point—no one should have to suffer this way.

Our daily choices of what to eat, what to buy, what to wear, and so much more can have a lifesaving impact on animals. The single best thing you can do is go vegan! 🌱💪 It makes a massive difference for animals, the environment, and your health—that’s why ordering our freeGuide to Going Vegan” is 100% the move. You’ll get access to delicious recipes, shopping lists, and other helpful tips to make the transition so much easier. 🙌


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