Align Your Actions With Your Beliefs by Living Vegan

Leaving animal-derived foods off your plate means you get to be someone who thinks for themselves, instead of accepting the status quo—someone who shows themselves love by eating nutritious foods instead of possibly cancer-causing body parts and who respects the planet and future generations by not supporting very unsustainable practices. Best of all, you get to feel like a good person, knowing your choices aren’t hurting other sensitive beings.

Compassion and health feel so much better than any dead animal tastes!

Eating vegan makes you feel proud of your choices.

It’s never necessary to buy food that comes from animals, 99% of whom are bred on factory farms that treat living beings like commodities—mutilating them without painkillers, kidnapping their offspring, imprisoning them in tiny cages and filthy sheds until they go insane, and stabbing and dismembering them in slaughterhouses. 💔

If you don’t like the thought of animals being confined, deprived, beaten, and stabbed, why pay people to do these terrible things to them?

If you have to actively avoid the hundreds of eyewitness investigations inside farms and slaughterhouses because you know that if you saw them, you’d feel sick to your stomach, something is definitely off. The food production you support shouldn’t require a “GRAPHIC” warning.

Choosing foods derived from plants, which don’t have feelings, nervous systems, or mothers, feels terrific. In fact, a recent study found that vegan eating may be linked to lower levels of anxiety and stress.

Instead of being obsessed with cheese—a product of perversion that involves forcibly impregnating female cows, tearing their babies away, and milking the mothers dry before killing them—you could crave healthy and refreshing foods like carrots with hummus or açaí bowls instead. A study from the University of Warwick in the U.K. shows that people who eat a lot of fruits and vegetables—up to eight portions a day—are substantially happier than people who don’t. Bowl of berries, anyone?

If fruits and veggies don’t do it for you, give “comfort food” a completely new meaning by making simple swaps to veganize your favorite dishes. There’s a vegan version of everything—and true comfort comes from knowing no one had to suffer for your meal.

You know that warm, fuzzy feeling you get from helping someone out (or when someone helps you)? Well, you can experience it every time you eat, because eating vegan essentially helps everyone—including the nearly 200 animals you’ll spare a year.

Being at peace with your choices lets you go through life with a sense of ease. When your beliefs and actions are disconnected, the result is dis-ease … disease. Our mental health really has a massive effect on our physical health (and vice versa), and you can protect both from suffering—plus animals—simply by considering what you eat a little more carefully. Go vegan, and watch what happens! 💕

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