Atiana De La Hoya’s Makeup Game Proves That Cruelty-Free Is Beautiful

Atiana De La Hoya’s glam lifestyle makes her a beauty pro, so we trust her when she says that beauty never has to come at animals’ expense. 💅💁

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I was doing my makeup one day, and I looked over at Jeff and Daisy, ’cause they kind of run around my room, and I realized that some of the makeup that I’m using directly affects, maybe not Jeff and Daisy, but many rabbits and many animals, especially mice and guinea pigs and rats.

Atiana De La Hoya

Atiana has two companion bunnies—and urges us to help save rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, and other animals from crude experiments by using cruelty-free makeup. Check out our recent shoot with her for a “get ready with me”!

Why Cruelty-Free?

Millions of animals are locked in laboratories around the U.S. right now. 😢 Experimenters rub chemicals on their bare skin or into their eyes or force them to ingest toxins. When the experiments end, the animals are killed. 😱

Imagine how miserable this existence would be. You’d be locked in a cage and socially isolated, and you’d only be let out when experimenters wanted to use you for their next frightening test. 😰 Besides being cruel, this type of testing is pointless—humans and other animals obvi have different reactions to certain chemicals. 😑 There are many cheaper, faster, and more accurate ways to test products, but some companies still aren’t budging. 🙄

What’s the Solution?

If you want to help prevent animals from enduring a lifetime of suffering in a laboratory, follow Atiana’s advice and use only cruelty-free beauty products. 🐰❤️ That’s where PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies program comes in—it’s the ultimate resource for compassionate shoppers. You can use the online database to find out which companies and brands don’t test on animals or use animal-derived ingredients. 😅

PETA’s list of companies and brands that don’t test on animals anywhere in the world has been the gold standard for consumers trying to shop with compassion. 🥇 This is the best tool for making sure all your fave products and brands are animal test–free and vegan, and you can even use it to discover new products! Then you’ll know that your beauty products—like the ones Atiana used in her vid with us—don’t have beeswax, carmine, or any other ingredients that humans get by exploiting other animals. 😊

PETA-owned image for the Atiana De La Hoya cruelty-free article
Atiana De La Hoya poses with her Beauty Without Bunnies ad at the campaign launch party hosted by Crossroads Kitchen.


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