How to Break In Your Vegan Dr. Martens

Did you know that Dr. Martens makes a ton of vegan boots? 😲🥳 Your choice to buy vegan Docs will help prevent cows and other animals from being abused, slaughtered, and skinned in the leather industry. Reward yourself with fashionable and timeless vegan boots that work with almost any look. 🐄❤️

Just use these five simple tips to break in your Doc Martens the animal-friendly way.

1. Use Heel Grips

If the top of the heel is giving you trouble, use vegan heel grips like the ones from Vegetarian Shoes. 👌 They’re hella helpful, giving the back of your feet some breathing room while the rest of your boots soften up. Plus, they reduce heel slip and the risk of blisters. 😌 Just make sure that your heel grips are vegan—Vegetarian Shoes’ one-size-fits-all grips are made of nonleather “suede” microfiber. Plus, they’re padded for ultimate comfort.

2. Put Stuff in Them

Q: What do cans, newspapers, and hairspray canisters all have in common? A: You can use them to help stretch out your Docs! 🤯 Stuff one of these items tightly into the toe area of each boot and leave it there overnight. By the time you’re ready to put on the boots, they’ll be way more spacious. Since these materials are all recyclable and reusable, this eco-friendly hack is top-tier. ♻️💚

3. Wear Comfy Socks

Wear thick, comfy, wool-free socks to keep your feet ultra-protected from friction during the breaking-in period. 🧦 Walking around is the best way to break in any shoes, so put on your comfy socks and Docs and take your dog for a long walk around the neighborhood. 🐕🚶‍♀️ Walking every day will get your shoes into prime shape (and make your dog happy af).

4. Massage Them

Massaging your Docs with your hands will have the same effect as walking around in them. The more you massage them, the more they’ll soften. 😅 Since this activity is easy and low-key relaxing, it’s perfect to do while watching an animal rights–themed movie. 🎬 Just choose one with a compassionate message and let your hands do the rest.

5. Use Insoles

Add an extra layer of comfort by putting insoles in your boots. Dr. Martens sells ethylene-vinyl acetate–based cushion shoe insoles that absorb impact and keep feet fresh, and the brand’s WarmWair shoe insoles are made with recycled faux fur for added warmth in chilly temps. 🥶 Either of these insoles—or any others made from non-animal materials—will help you avoid pain as you walk around to break in your boots. 🥰


By ditching leather boots for vegan Docs, you’re helping to spare cows extreme suffering. Apply that same compassion with every pair of boots you buy—check out our rundown of super-fashionable vegan boots. 👢

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