How Taurus Season Will Impact Your Animal Advocacy

After four weeks of bold Aries energy, it’s time to stabilize and get grounded in Taurus season! It runs from mid-April to mid-May and is symbolized by the bull—a sign of power and determination. 🐮💪 So how can this zodiac sign affect your animal advocacy? 🤔 See what Taurus season has in store for you:

Get Back to Basics

Taurus energy is very practical, so now’s the time to complete simple acts that are proven to help animals. Signing petitions or hitting up your lawmakers are great examples—they aren’t super-flashy, but we value results over glitz during Taurus season. 👏 Countless PETA victories have come as a result of petitioning and lobbying, so these basic actions are surefire ways to make a difference. 😊

Develop Positive Habits

Since Taurus is an earth sign, you may feel a strong sense of loyalty and commitment. 🤝 During this season, you have a unique opportunity to develop and stick to animal-friendly habits. You could start veganizing your diet, buying only cruelty-free makeup products, or completing a couple of peta2 missions every week. If it helps, also think about committing to cutting out any harmful habits you have. 🚫

Be Stubborn

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Some people tend to get stubborn during Taurus season, and tbh, that’s a great advocacy trait. 😅 Stand firm in your belief that no animal is inferior to another. If someone tries to tell you otherwise, you can politely let them know why you hold this belief and that your principles won’t change. 💁 Your strong moral compass may inspire them to look at this whole animal rights thing from a different point of view. 😉

Practice Self-Care

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You need to take care of yourself to reach your full potential as an animal advocate. Thankfully, all three earth signs are rooted in physicality, and Venus (the planet of love) rules Taurus. 🥰 In Taurus season, we value good-feeling physical sensations and relaxation—if your mind just went to thoughts of a hot bath, a massage, or comfy blankets, you’re on the right track. 😩👌 Practicing self-care can help recharge your advocacy batteries and leave you feeling fresh and ready to help save animals.

Go Slowly

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If there’s one thing we shouldn’t do during Taurus season, it’s rush around. 🥱 Taurus is the essence of “slow and steady wins the race,” so if you’re just getting into animal rights and not sure where to start, try setting realistic advocacy goals you can reach over time. If you’re trying to spread animal rights info, talk to one person at a time so you can eventually make a legit connection with everyone you try to reach. If you want to carry out a campaign, don’t worry if it takes a while to gain traction—just hold steady and make some progress (no matter how little) every day. 😁


Ready to take advantage of what Taurus season has to offer? Think about how you can apply these tips to your advocacy efforts and start saving animals through Taurus-inspired actions! 🐄🐕🐁💗

And if you’re wondering how your specific horoscope ties into animal advocacy, peta2’s “Your Sign to Save Animals” campaign is an astrology and advocacy lover’s dream mash-up.

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