Cozy Up in Cooler Weather With Our Vegan ‘Hygge’ Guide

Ever heard of hygge? 🤔 It’s a Danish concept all about living in the present, taking time away from the daily rush, and enjoying the simple pleasures. Sounds peaceful, right? In our hectic lives, a hygge routine can fr be helpful in so many ways—practicing self-care, recharging our batteries, and spending time with loved ones are all crucial parts of a healthy life.

As the temps get colder and our schedules get busier, practicing hygge can keep you comfy, refreshed, and mentally balanced. And with our help, you can make sure your comfort isn’t coming at animals’ expense. Take a deep breath and cozy up by following this vegan hygge guide:

Rest on Fluffy Pillows

Ong, there’s no better feeling at the end of a long day than sinking your head into a soft pillow. 😴 Just make sure that it isn’t made from down—the soft layer of feathers closest to birds’ skin. Save birds from extreme pain and gruesome slaughter by getting light, fluffy pillows made from cotton, linen, or bamboo.

Wrap Yourself in a Throw Blanket

PETA-owned image of a PETA throw blanket from PETA shop

Snuggling up in a warm blanket is peak hygge, but how could you relax if your cozy time also propped up sheep abuse? The wool industry violently steals gentle sheep’s fleece for profit. To help end this mistreatment, go for throw blankets made from cotton or other vegan materials—never fleece.

Lay Out the Rugs

Let’s be clear: Industries that harm sheep, goats, worms, cows, and other animals deserve exactly none of our money. When you’re shopping for rugs, say no to wool, mohair, silk, and animal skins and yes to cotton, hemp, and other vegan materials. Then you can enjoy your soft, fluffy rug knowing that you haven’t caused animals to suffer.

Light Vegan Candles

PETA-owned image of a candle from PETA shop

Mood lighting is a huge part of hygge, and candles give you that perfect warm glow. But wait. Why wouldn’t candles be vegan? One word: beeswax. Humans get it by stealing and melting bees’ honeycombs, often killing bees or ripping off their arms or legs in the process. 😧 Help stop this injustice by only lighting up your cozy space with soy wax candles.

Wear Comfy Clothes

White joggers with an image of Not A Nugget on one pant leg, and text on the other that reads "Animals have rights"

Break out the sweatpants. 😏 You’re gonna need comfy clothes, and thankfully, some of the softest, smoothest clothes are made of cotton or light synthetic fabrics. We’ll let you in on something: You can get comfy items like socks, joggers, and a crewneck plus other sweet merch for FREE by earning and redeeming peta2 points in our Rewards Program.

Make a Reading Nook

PETA-owned image of animal rights books from Bridget D

Grab all your comfiest materials and set up a li’l reading nook or “hyggekrog.” (So many fun words in this one!) Your hyggekrog can be anywhere in your home, but quiet corners and windowsills work best. After that’s all set up, start reading some of these animal rights books for thrilling stories and amazing animal facts.

Sip on Hot Drinks

Nothing’s more soothing than a hot cup of tea, cocoa, or decaf coffee—just don’t add any honey, milk from cows, or other dairy ingredients. Instead, throw in some nondairy milk or agave nectar and sip your heavenly creation slowly. (Oat milk lattes are trendy for a reason.) 😍

Eat Comfort Food

What’s your comfort food? Baked goods? Home-cooked meals? Whatever it is, you can easily make it vegan. 😁 If you want to veganize a fave recipe, swap out milk from cows for nondairy options and ditch eggs for applesauce or bananas. Looking for new recipes? Try Maple-Pecan Oatmeal, Easy Kimchi Fried Rice, or any of our other delish vegan dishes.

Enjoy Nature

Who says hygge has to mean “indoor time”? All that matters is that you find some inner peace and enjoy simplicity, so spending time in nature is a great hygge activity. Just remember that you’re a guest in animals’ homes. Don’t litter, make loud noises, or disturb wildlife—and make sure you know what to do if you come across an animal in need of help.

Create Cozy Spaces for Your Animals

Your animal companions deserve to get in on the hygge action, too. 🐶🐱💖 Here are some little ways you can make your home cozy for them:

  • Use bookshelves, dressers, or cat trees to create vertical spaces for your cat to explore.
  • Get a scratching post for your cat to help them follow their natural scratching instinct—you can even make a DIY scratching post from cardboard or carpets.
  • Feed your cat using a plate or shallow dish so that their sensitive whiskers don’t bend as they try to reach their food.
  • Give your dog plenty of supervised outdoor time so that they’re happy to come back in and rest in their cozy space.
  • Put blankets in a corner of your home or on a piece of furniture so that your animal companions will have somewhere to relax regularly.
  • Make sure they get plenty of interaction and playtime with you and with their friends for mental stimulation.


Honestly, simplicity is the key to a happy, healthy life. Want some super-helpful tips on how to simplify your home, reduce waste, and make the world a better place for animals? These easy-to-use eco-friendly life hacks can reduce waste save you a ton of money. 💸

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