Carry Your Compassion—Veganize These Fall and Winter Handbag Trends

If you’re into fashion, you know that a handbag can make or break your fit. Depending on your style, the perfect bag for you may be tiny, hefty, classic, or glamorous. There are so many fun trends to try! But while you’re exploring your options, remember one thing: To help animals, you should get a 100% vegan bag. 👜🌱 Check out the hottest handbag trends for the fall and winter seasons and see how you can pull them off without harming any animals:

1. Utilitarian Style

Let’s be real: A practical purse is a huge plus. It’s such a relief when your handbag has a lot of room, zippers, and pockets to keep your belongings safe and secure. There’s great news on this front: “Futuristic utility” is one of the biggest trends of the year. 😅 Grab a utilitarian handbag made from a durable vegan material like canvas if you want to look stylish while staying super-organized.

2. Forever Pieces

Here’s a trend for those of us who aren’t super-trendy. 🤯 Fashion concepts like “classiccore” focus on smart, simple looks that never go out of style, like a sleek black shoulder bag. Just remember to always steer clear of leather. To obtain leather, workers skin cows and other animals—sometimes while they’re still conscious. 😨 If you don’t want to put animals through this type of torture, choose a vegan leather bag for all the style with none of the cruelty.

3. Top Handles

These purses are all about elegance. If you want to look classy af and don’t need a purse to carry large objects, a top-handle bag is your best bet. Plus, this style has a longer shoulder strap for an easy transition to a crossbody look. Bags and shoulder straps are sometimes made of leather, so make sure both of your items are made of vegan materials so you don’t support the leather industry’s abuse and slaughter.

4. Styles That Shine

Ready to thrive in your glamorous era? A shiny aesthetic is ruling the fashion world, so look for a handbag that sparkles. ✨ Thankfully, a lot of sparkly handbags are decorated with animal-free materials like rhinestones and metallic mesh that’s made from nylon, spandex, or polyester—not silk—so as long as the rest of your bag is vegan, feel free to sparkle it up.

5. Woven Fabrics

With woven fabrics, you have almost endless options for different combos of colors and materials. But keep your eye out for bags woven with tweed. 👀 Tweed is traditionally made of wool or a blend of wool and other fibers. This means that buying a tweed bag boosts an industry that cuts off lambs’ tails, leaves sheep with bloody wounds, and kills the animals when they’re no longer profitable. 😢 To spare sheep this suffering, be sure to read the label and choose only vegan materials like organic cotton, recycled nylon, and hemp.

6. Scoop Tops

Get a bag that strays from the architectural norm, like one with a slight curve at the top. As always, avoid bags made of any nonvegan materials. We’ve already covered leather, but suede—the underside of leather—is just as bad. It’s made of skin torn from lambs, goats, pigs, calves, deer, and other animals. 😰 Vegan suede, on the other hand, is strong, soft, and—you guessed it—animal-friendly.

7. Personality Purses

You know what’s always fashionable? Being yourself. 💁 Your purse should reflect your unique personality. And as an animal advocate, you can put your compassion on display in two huge ways:

  • Make sure every part of your bag is made with vegan materials like organic cotton and recycled nylon or polyester and never with leather, suede, tweed made of wool, or any other animal-derived materials.
  • Customize your bag with an animal rights design by using stickers, pins, key chains, duct tape, or other crafty materials.


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