Stay Warm in Style With These Vegan Fall Fashion Essentials

We’re inching our way toward cold, blustery weather. Does that mean we have to say “so long” to fashionable fits until spring? No way! 😅 It’s just time to update our wardrobes with warm and stylish clothes that don’t harm any animals. Browse through these vegan fall fashion essentials to see which types of clothing are made of animal-derived materials and which humane dupes you can replace them with:

THIS—Comfy Vegan Boots


Ugh, we can’t believe these boots are still around. 😒 To make UGGs, workers cut off sheep’s skin with the fleece attached. If you crave that comfy boot style but you don’t want to support the wool industry’s cruel practices, go with vegan boots like BEARPAW, Moo Shoes, or PAWJ California. They have the UGG vibe but aren’t made of any animal-derived materials.

THIS—Faux-Leather Boots

NOT THAT—Leather Boots

We’ve been waiting all year for these boot-friendly temps, and there are so many great vegan options to choose from! One thing you should always avoid? Leather. 🤢 Leather is typically made by restraining terrified cows, slitting their throats, and tearing their skin off—sometimes while they’re still alive. Wear vegan leather boots to show everyone that combating cruelty is fashionable af.

THIS—Leather-Free Denim

NOT THAT—Denim With Leather Patches

Some items are clearly made using leather, but others can be trickier to spot. Case in point: leather patches on jeans. 👖 Denim is a great material for fall weather, but why do some brands ruin their jeans by slapping on a patch of skin from a dead cow? 🤷 Before you buy a new pair of wide-leg jeans, make sure there’s no leather patch attached. And if you already own a pair of Levi’s with a leather patch, cut it off and send it back to the company for 25 peta2 points in our Rewards Program.

THIS—Soft Vegan Dresses

NOT THAT—Silk Dresses

Just as caterpillars become butterflies, silkworms spin cocoons and become moths in an amazing feat of nature. But the silk industry doesn’t respect these fascinating animals—it boils or gasses living silkworms and steals their cocoons to make clothing. If you want a stunning new dress this fall, choose one made of vegan materials like recycled polyester, Tencel, ramie (nettle), or cupro (regenerated cellulose). These materials are just as smooth as silk but aren’t made by harming animals.

THIS—Cozy Cotton Sweaters

NOT THAT—Cashmere Sweaters

Chilly autumn days are no match for warm sweaters. Guess who else needs to stay warm? Goats. And when the cashmere industry steals their protective hair, they can die from the cold. Those who survive are often dragged, stepped on, and held down as workers tear out their hair with metal combs. 😨 We can easily enjoy warm sweaters without harming goats—just steer clear of cashmere and buy sweaters made of organic cotton, bamboo, soybeans, or other vegan materials instead.

THIS—Mix-and-Match Vests

NOT THAT—Down Vests

Vests are a fall wardrobe staple. You can mix and match them with long-sleeve shirts or dresses to find the cutest combos. Here’s the not-so-cute thing: vests stuffed with down, the layer of feathers closest to birds’ skin. Workers remove down feathers from ducks and geese after slaughter, but sometimes they painfully rip their feathers out while they’re still alive! To help prevent birds from being abused and slaughtered, only buy vests insulated with humane materials like organic eucalyptus, bamboo, nylon, and recycled polyester.

THIS—Fuzzy Vegan Socks

NOT THAT—Wool Socks

In case it wasn’t already clear, the wool industry puts sheep through hell. Workers often hole-punch lambs’ ears, chop parts of their tails off, and castrate the males—usually without pain relief. 😢 Sheep endure miserable lives in crowded enclosures before being killed when they no longer produce enough wool. Make sure those fuzzy socks that feel so toasty during the colder months are never made of wool or any other animal-derived material.

THIS—Warm Vegan Beanies

NOT THAT—Mohair Beanies

PETA-owned image of beanie from PETA website

Like we said, animal hair should be off-limits for clothes, and angora goats’ mohair is no exception. A PETA Asia exposé found that industry workers dragged goats by their legs, threw them across the floor, and mutilated them for their hair. And some companies want us to wear that on our heads? 😦 Not gonna happen! 🙅‍♀️ Warm and stylish beanies can be made of all kinds of animal-friendly materials, so stick with these options for your fall headgear.

THIS—Cotton or Acrylic Cardigans

NOT THAT—Angora Cardigans

Love rabbits? 🐇 Then you should NEVER buy an angora cardigan. Angora rabbits are kept in cages and their fur is violently torn out to make clothes. Cardigans (which are hot as ever, btw), are perfect for layering, but there’s no reason to make them by harming animals. Check out cardigans made of natural fibers like organic cotton or synthetic fibers like acrylic to look your best while helping rabbits.


Want to stay comfy and relaxed all year round without harming animals? Follow our vegan hygge tips to become your coziest self:

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