What Can Vegans Get at Dunkin’?

ICYDK, Dunkin’ has oat and almond milk on menus at its locations across the country. 🥳 That means you can start your morning with some of the chain’s vegan food items and wash them down with a delicious hot or iced oat or almond milk latte. Since eating vegan deals a blow to the meat, egg, and dairy industries; boosts your health; and helps the environment, Dunkin’s decision to add nondairy milk options is a W for everyone.

Ready to save animals by rewarding your taste buds? 😋 Fill up on these mouthwatering vegan options at Dunkin’:


Avocado Toast

There’s a reason why avocado toast is so popular—it’s delicious. 😅 Plus, avocados are chock full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats, so spreading them on bread is a v nutritious move.


Four of Dunkin’s bagel flavors are vegan, so buying them helps bring down cruel industries that abuse and kill animals for profit. 🐄🐖🐔💞 Try the Cinnamon Raisin, Everything, Plain, or Sesame Seed bagel—and use your own vegan cream cheese or other spreads.

English Muffin

Want a classic breakfast fave to prepare you for the day ahead? Get Dunkin’s English muffin and add some of your own vegan spread. Pro tip: For a protein-packed breakfast, peanut butter doesn’t disappoint.

Hash Browns

These lightly seasoned golden hash browns slap on their own or as a side dish and have no cholesterol, added sugar, or trans fat. Now that’s potato power. 🥔💪

Oatmeal (Available at Participating Locations)

If you’re one of the lucky people whose local Dunkin’ store has oatmeal, you gotta try it. 😍 Oatmeal is one of the heartiest foods out there—and as long as anything you add to it is vegan (like oat milk), it’s an animal-friendly choice, too.



Made from high-quality beans, Dunkin’s hot coffee is vegan on its own—just add almond or oat milk and skip the whipped cream. 👌 You can also buy the chain’s Original Blend, Dark Roast, and Dunkin’ Decaf bags and make your coffee at home.


This cool, icy, refreshing drink has been a Dunkin’ staple for over 20 years. Cows and compassionate consumers both benefit from the Blue Raspberry and Strawberry flavors, which are completely dairy-free.


Need a boost of energy to power through your morning? Get a freshly brewed shot of espresso! If you’re more of a slow sipper, get a turbo shot added to a larger drink to give you that extra jolt. ⚡


It’s super-easy to get a vegan hot or iced latte from Dunkin’—just order it with almond or oat milk and no whip. 💁 Pretty simple, amirite?


There are a ton of vegan tea options at Dunkin.’ 🍵 Try any of the hot tea flavors, like Harmony Leaf Green Tea or Cool Mint Herbal Infusion. Do you stan cold drinks? The Blueberry and Raspberry iced tea blends don’t have any animal-derived ingredients in them.


Eating vegan—at Dunkin’ and everywhere—is the best way you can help animals. Making the transition is so much easier with the right info and support, so we’ll give you a hand. 👋 Order a freeGuide to Going Vegan” for our top tips, tricks, and tasty recipes.

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