Get a peta2 Virtual Presentation for Your Class

Want to help your peers become more aware of animal rights? 😲 Talk to your teacher and then hit us up at [email protected] to schedule a free virtual presentation on an animal rights topic of your choice! peta2 has worked with many schools, libraries, and community centers, and we’d love to connect with your class next. 😊

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What Are peta2’s Presentations About?

We currently offer presentations about caring for animal companions, effective animal rights advocacy, how you can better help animals through your everyday choices, and how living vegan helps the planet—just to name a few. 😏 Our presenters are super-knowledgeable on these and other animal rights topics and can explain them all in an easy-to-understand way. 😅

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peta2’s presentations can jump-start classroom discussions about ethics, animal care, the environment, and other important issues. By the end of the sesh, you and your classmates will feel more empowered to make informed, sustainable, and compassionate choices. 😤 Your decision to invite us to present could be the spark that your classmates need to go vegan, attend their first protest, or join peta2’s “Your Sign to Save Animals” campaign. 🌱🗣️🔮

Scheduling a peta2 virtual presentation is one of the most effective things you can do to help make the world more animal-friendly. 🌎🦌🐖🐿️ Your class will never forget this one-of-a-kind learning experience—and it’s 100% free. 🙌

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How You Can Earn peta2 Points

Didn’t think this deal could get any more goated? 🐐 Think again—e-mail us at [email protected] after your presentation to get 100 peta2 points in our Rewards Program. 🤯 That’s enough points for you to get a holographic sticker, a magnet, or a drink koozie. Reach out to us today at [email protected] to start the process! 🤑


As a student, you have the opportunity to educate and inspire your open-minded peers. 😇 Leafleting at school is a great way to share info on making compassionate choices—follow these tips to get your classmates on board with your animal rights campaign.

Text peta2 to 30933 for ways to help animals, tips on compassionate living, and more!

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