I have a confession to make: I love snacking. I don’t mean I have a few chips between meals and ruin my appetite. I mean I have snacks stashed not only in my kitchen but also in my backpack, desk, and nightstand.

Asian snacks have always been my guilty pleasure, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re yummy, packaged in perfect portions, and so easy to toss in your bag for when you’re on the go. Here’s a list of some of my favorite accidentally vegan Asian snacks. (I can’t guarantee they’re all healthy, but you gotta treat yourself sometimes, you know?)

Haw Flakes

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All Chinese children have eaten these at least once in their lives. Unwrap these paper rolls to find a stack of cute pink disks made from the Chinese hawthorn fruit. They are kind of healthy (because they’re made from fruit, duh) and have just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth—at least temporarily.

Wasabi Peas


These are for the adventurous—or at least folks who can brave heat. This crunchy snack is made from dehydrated peas and coated in wasabi seasoning. Be warned, though: Your nose WILL tingle after popping a couple in your mouth.

Grass Jelly Drink


Sort of like Asian gelatin, this jiggly and delicious treat is super-convenient. It’s similar to wheatgrass, and the best part is that it doesn’t actually contain gelatin, so no animals were harmed in the production of your dark green minty sweet treat.

Tamarind Candy


Sweet and sour in a hard candy form? Slayyy. But for real, though, tamarind candy comes from the tamarind fruit. And this candy, while similar to Warheads, is much fruitier and definitely an acquired taste.


Two words: glutinous rice. It’s a yummy, chewy rice cake that’s subtly sweet and sometimes stuffed with fruit filling. So good.

Botan Rice Candy 

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This traditional Japanese treat is the dream of dreams. Inside the small box, you’ll find little soft and chewy candies wrapped in a layer of edible rice paper. And you get a sticker prize! Kind of like Cracker Jack but with candy.

Rice Crackers 

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A bit sweet, a bit savory, these are such a treat—perfect for a literal midday crunch. Sometimes you can find them wrapped in seaweed, and my fave are the ones drizzled with sugar.

Frozen Coconut Water 

Before it was cool (pun intended), my friends and I spent summer days with these cups of frozen coconut water. We’d let them melt a bit before using a mini fork (which conveniently comes with most cups) to pick up chunks of coconut. Sometimes, you even get an attached straw to sip up this delicious drink.

Roasted Seaweed

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Seaweed—nature’s snack—is full of umami. A little salty, roasted seaweed is great for satisfying your chip craving, and it’s probably one of the healthier options on this list—but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good!

You can find a number of other vegan snacks that are equally yummy at Asian grocery stores and in the international foods aisle at American grocery stores. Remember to check the ingredients to make sure there’s no dairy, eggs, gelatin, or carmine. And, just like that, you’re all set to get your cruelty-free Asian snack on.

Now that you know what to snack on, check out our Vietnamese food guide for dinner!

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