1. You’re all about that vegan soul foodPETA-OWNED

2. Shea Moisture products give you life.


3. Your vegan fairy godmother is Erykah Badu.

2017 20th year of the Baduizm. ? @elizabethmarylavin

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4. You wish that you could be BFFs with vegan Jhené Aiko.

jhene aiko adopt don't shop ad

5. You dab on the vegan haters.


6. When you meet another black vegan, you’re like


7. You can’t stop talking about the connection between animal rights and civil rights. “One Struggle, One Fight”!

8. You know about food injustice, so now you fight for your fam to eat better.

9. Coconut oil is life. You use it every day: on your face, knees, and scalp and in smoothies—the list goes on!


10. You’ve successfully learned how to navigate a food desert.

11. You shared peta2’s #BlackVeganProud


12.You bring vegan collard greens to potlucks.


13. You break out in dance when you learn that a black actor in one of your favorite shows is vegan.

14. You may or may not have a crush on @badassvegan.

15. You know who this dude is:

New IG: @officialgreymusic

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“I got beans, greens … you name it!”

I don’t know about you, but I’m guilty of most of the things on this list. (I use coconut oil religiously and have perfected cooking greens.) There’s so much to enjoy about a vegan lifestyle! How many of the things in this list can you relate to? Let us know at @peta2 on Twitter—just use the hashtag #BlackVeganProud.

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