DYK? Razor blades, shaving cream, and other products for getting rid of unwanted hair may be owned by companies that test on animals—or may contain animal-derived ingredients. Thankfully, peta2 is here to help you remove the cruelty from your hair-removal routine.

Note: Hair removal is most certainly NOT required. Feel free to be your furry self. For those of you striving to achieve the naked mole rat look, keep on reading. ?


Shaving blades may not specifically be tested on animals, but many brands that make the blades test other products on animals, so we don’t want to give them our money. Plus, the moisturizing strip found on some razors can contain animal-derived ingredients. Try these blades instead:

Preserve’s Shave 5 Razor System

Preserve’s Triple Razor System

Every Man Jack’s Manual Razor

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eShave’s Double Edge DE Razor

Jack Black’s 5-Blade Razor

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If you have a beard or ‘stache that needs trimming, try Conair’s 13-Piece All-in-One Grooming System.

Shaving Creams

There are so many vegan and cruelty-free shaving creams that we’re sure you’ll have no trouble finding one, but we thought we’d share some of our favorites anyway:

Kiss My Face’s Natural Man Men’s Shaving Cream

Pacifica’s Coconut Milk Shave Whip

Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Organic Shaving Soap

Kiss My Face’s 4-In-1 Moisture Shave Shaving Cream

LUSH Cosmetics’ Five O’Clock Whistle Shaving Smoothie

Earth Science’s 145 Smooth Start Shave Cream

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Avalon Organics’ Aloe Unscented Moisturizing Cream Shave

Alba Botanica’s Very Emollient Cream Shave Aloe Mint

Aubrey Organics, Inc.’s Toasted Almond Shave Cream

Hair Removal Creams

Nad’s is a cruelty-free hair removal company with some vegan products, like its Nad’s for Men Hair Removal Cream and its Nad’s Facial Hair Removal Crème.


BodyHonee is a cruelty-free waxing line with a couple of vegan products, including its Sugar Wax Kit and its Spa Wax Kit.

Our Spa #waxing kit is the ideal hair remover for Thick to Coarse hair for men and women. ?

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Also in the cruelty-free waxing department are Nad’s Hair Removal Ultra Smoothing Exfoliating Body Wax Strips.

Remember: Every time you choose to support cruelty-free companies over ones that poison and kill animals, you’re helping create a more compassionate world. ?❤️

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