Vegans often have a reputation of being hummus-lovin’ hippies. Well, at least part of that is true—we do LOOOOVE our hummus! Who knew that chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and some lemon or garlic could come together to create the most versatile, delicious condiment extraordinaire of all time?

Here are some of the many reasons why hummus is most definitely a magical food from heaven:

1. It’s vegan (duh).


2. It’s packed with protein. This sh*t is made with GARBANZO BEANS, dudes.

hummus has protein!

3. It enables you to eat raw veggies by the masses. How the f*ck else could a carrot stick taste so good?

hummus and carrot sticks

40+329 Fooooood | Photo by: bark | CC by 2.0 

 4. Pita bread is nothing more than a vessel for shoveling hummus into your mouth.

pita bread and hummus
Sweet Potato Hummus | | CC by-sa 2.0 

The same goes for chips, crackers, slices of toast, sticks of celery, and really any food in sight.

hummus and snacks

Pretzels and Chips | NatalieMaynor | CC by 2.0 

5. It takes a bland veggie platter from being “the only vegan option at the party” to the most exciting.

veggie platter and hummus

Hummus and Veggies | Photo by: Eric Kilby | CC by-sa 2.0 

6. It’s easy to customize: Mix in your favorite hot sauce for some DIY super-zesty hummus or …

hummus with hot sauce
nam prik hummus | Krista | CC by 2.0 
… mix it with a mashed avocado (another miracle food), and you’ve got guaco-hummus! #winning

avocado guacamole hummus
Avocado-garlic hummus | Photo by: Gloria Cabada-Leman | CC by 2.0 

And you can make the whole dang thing from scratch!

7. Its main ingredient is garbanzo beans (aka “chickpeas”), which are just little balls of heaven and versatility.


Chipotle Hummus | Whitney | CC by 2.0 

Another main ingredient is tahini, aka “sesame seed paste”—another heavenly food that we recommend you get in touch with.

8. Chickpeas are also the main ingredient in falafel, a f*cking awesome vegan food which pairs most deliciously with a big side of—you guessed it—HUMMUS.

Sage's Falafel Bowl

9. No need to buy condiments anymore, cause hummus basically dominates:

Hummus on a bagel? It’s the new vegan cream cheese.

hummus bagelIt’s also the new mayonnaise.

hummus sandwich
hummus sandwich | Michael Hoy | CC by 2.0 

And it’s the new ranch dip.


8) Vegetable & Dip Platter - صحن خضار وحمص | Abdulla Al Muhairi | CC by 2.0 

10. It’s readily available at pretty much ANY grocery store. And there are SO MANY BRANDS TO CHOOSE FROM.

11. Like Sabra Hummus. Duh. Tried ‘n’ true ‘n’ oh-so-creamy.

sabra hummus

That minced garlic pile in the middle of the Sabra Roasted Garlic Hummus? God help me.

garlic sabra hummus

12. Tribe Hummus makes an Everything Hummus that tastes just like an everything bagel. Can you handle that???

13. Oh, and Trader Joe’s has a massive variety of hummus:

Kalamata Olive, Edamame, Mediterranean, Spicy, Eggplant …

Why, yes, I DO find myself buying this one often. You’d think it’d be too much, BUT IT NEVER IS.

hummus from trader joe's

Trader Joe’s Tomato Basil Hummus can seriously double as a creamy pizza sauce. I can hardly handle the versatility.

tomato basil hummus from trader joe's

Cilantro jalapeño hummus? OK, now add burritos, tacos, and taquitos to the list of hummus-friendly foods.

cilantro jalepeno hummus trader joe's

14. Are you so obsessed with hummus that you need to have it with you AT ALL TIMES? Well, thank Godzilla that it comes it tiny travel packets that don’t require ANY REFRIGERATION.

hummus packets

hummus to go | Luis Tamayo | CC by-sa 2.0 

15. Those li’l packets are great, but I’ll admit that I do consider a standard container of hummus “personal size.”

hummus and pita chips
hummus & pita chips | Alejandro Lavin, Jr. | CC by-nd 2.0 

Dinner for one.

16. You can add hummus to almost anything to make it EVEN BETTER.

Seriously, try stirring it in with marinara for a delicious creamy sauce to pour over pasta.

Or try mixing it with olive oil and soy sauce for a super-flavorful creamy dressing (this dressing + kale + nutritional yeast = the best salad ever!).

17. Really, hummus can be a main course itself.

hummus and veggies

mmmm hummus | Phil Denton | CC by-sa 2.0 

You can just eat it out of the container with a spoon … 😉

18. Did I mention it’s SUPER-EASY to make at home? Yeah, homemade hummus is everything!

making homemade hummus
Chipotle Hummus | Whitney | CC by 2.0 

Homemade hummus can be customized with basically anything: garlic, peppers, spices, artichokes, spinach, lemon, olives, Sriracha sauce … ANYTHING! And you can even make it in a blender if you don’t have a food processor!

19. DESSERT HUMMUS IS A THING. I’m crying right now, btw.


20. Forget cake. Allz I need is my birthday hummus.


Birthday hummus and gin | Quinn Dombrowski | CC by-sa 2.0 

21. You can never go wrong serving hummus, because EVERYBODY LOVES HUMMUS.

22. I leave you with these final words of wisdom:

hummus is yummus!

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