Because tons of delicious vegan options are popping up at grocery stores all over the country (and the world), we shouldn’t be surprised that yet another veggie burger has hit store shelves. But this time is a little different—Kroger grocery stores are now selling White Castle’s super-popular Dr. Praeger’s vegan veggie sliders and black bean sliders!

The world is changing!

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The fast-food chain first decided to introduce vegan patties to its menu last year and partnered with the well-known brand Dr. Praeger’s to create two new burgers. What’s just as cool as White Castle’s decision to become more compassionate with its burger options is that when the chain realized how popular the vegan patties were, it went ahead and veganized the bun, too (because who wants eggs or cow pus in their burger bun, anyway?).

Following those vegan-friendly steps, it decided to go even further and offer these burgers in grocery stores. Now we don’t have to trek it to White Castle whenever we have a craving. The veggie sliders are made with carrots, peas, spinach, zucchini, and broccoli, and the black bean sliders are made with beans, peppers, and corn—so we can shamelessly add them both to our weekly grocery lists.

Veg out with our new slider, Craver-tarians.

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White Castle’s major shift to include more vegan options is a sign to other fast-food chains that just because people may want their food on the go, it doesn’t mean that they’re willing to compromise their principles for it. Clearly, it’s easier than ever before to find delicious plant-based options—in restaurants AND grocery stores.

Do the kind thing and give the veggie sliders (and going vegan) a try!