I know what you’re thinking. Sandwiches = ho, hum. Well, these aren’t sandwiches. They’re sammies. And they’re vegan—which makes them pretty much the best thing ever.

If your school doesn’t offer the best vegan options (see The Veggie Burger Project), these five sammies are easy, delish, and probably better than any other sandwich you’ve ever tried.

1. Pumpkin Bagel–Apple Sammie

The time has FINALLY come. If there isn’t pumpkin in my food, I’m not eating it. Just toast a pumpkin bagel, then spread both sides with vegan cream cheese, sprinkle some cinnamon over the top, and decorate with sliced apples. Voilà! One day, we’ll be able to Instagram smells, but until then …


… you’ll just have to make this sammie for yourself.

2. Tofu “Egg” Salad Sammie

If you haven’t experienced the “egg” salad of the future, brace yourself. This recipe will give you enough sammies for DAYZ.

vegan tofu egg salad3. Un-Lobster Roll

Tater Tot Loves Lobsters! Do you?

It’s time to show up all the filthy, rotten, decomposing flesh sandwiches reeking up your cafeteria with a high-class not-lobster roll! Vegan mayo makes the world a safer place.

Girl Eats Greens Un-Lobster Roll, YUM!

Get the recipe here!

4. Fancy-Pants Artichoke Sammie

Pixel NEEDS Artichokes for this fancy sandwich!

Take it to the next level with an even easier recipe. One can of artichoke hearts, one can of white beans, some greens, and two slices of bread later, and you can safely wear a monocle and top hat. #respect

Fancy Sammie, yaas!

Get it.

5. Lemon-Basil-Avocado “BLT”

Last but never least: the classic twist. Lesson time: Avocado is magic. Let’s face it—you can eat it with a spoon, and now you can enjoy it on this warm, toasted sammie. Just slather some avocado on each slice of toasted bread, then top with some tempeh bacon, a truckload of vegan mayo (Just Mayo, all the way!), and the fanciful herb that is basil.

Lemon basil avocado BLT

Put it in the toaster oven at school, and make sure that you have a stash of copies of our “Guide to Going Vegan” handy because erryone is going to want to join the light side.

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Sammy it up!