Gone are the days when we sadly had to turn down grandma’s blueberry pie because of the dairy-based whipped cream on top of it. Reddi-wip just added its iconic name to the list of brands now offering nondairy whipped cream across the U.S., and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Conscious consumers are raving about the two new vegan Reddi-wip products that recently hit Publix store shelves. Both the coconut milk–based and the almond milk–based whipped creams have garnered rave reviews and tons of excitement:

Reddi-wip isn’t the first whipped-cream brand to move towards offering more ethical options. Companies like So Delicious, Soyatoo, and Trader Joe’s have had success selling dairy-free dessert toppers. The most exciting part about Reddi-wip’s new offerings is that the brand is arguably one of the most iconic whipped-cream makers out there—it has been around since 1948.

Now that so many whipped-cream brands are making more compassionate decisions, it’s exciting to consider which ones might do the same in the near future.

Cows and other animals used for dairy “products” suffer greatly. It’s becoming so much easier to make compassionate (and healthier) choices by leaving dairy “products” and other animal-derived foods off your plate. Simply choose vegan options—starting with nondairy whipped cream!