Not-so-fun fact: Your makeup brushes may contain REAL animal hair or fur, commonly taken from squirrels, minks, sables, horses (whose hair is sometimes called “pony” or “camel”), or goats.

And no, their hair wasn’t collected via a hairbrush—most animals used for their fur were raised on a cramped fur farm and experienced terrifying deaths as they were gassed or anally electrocuted. Sometimes, animals’ skin is ripped from their bodies while they are still alive and can feel pain.

Mink Fur Farm

Luckily, cruelty-free alternatives are easy to come by and affordable, and they are easier to clean and shed less than fur versions. And they’re totally versatile—you can use them with cream or powder products.

Show off your inner beauty by choosing vegan makeup brushes like the ones pictured below:

wet n wild

Cruelty-free company wet n wild does it again! Its new certified-vegan makeup brushes are cute AF and kind to animals. #Obsessed


A personal favorite of mine! EcoTools saves the day, the planet, and animals by being easy to find, using recyclable and natural materials, and, of course, choosing to be cruelty-free. Check your local drugstore for EcoTools brushes.

Urban Decay

Want to treat yourself? Check out Urban Decay’s Good Karma brushes, which will bring you not only good karma for choosing vegan but also a killer makeup look that no animals had to die for.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

The winner of peta2’s 2013 Libby Award for best cosmetics company, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics will always be the real MVP. A 100 percent vegan company that makes high-end fur-free brushes? Yes, please. Don’t forget the lip tar!

Sugarpill Cosmetics

Sugarpill’s name isn’t the only thing sweet about this company—it’s also kind to animals. Go bright, go bold, and go vegan with Sugarpill’s adorable white and pink brushes.


Is a peta2 makeup feature even official without an e.l.f. mention? Walk into just about any store (including Walmart) with just a few bucks, and you can walk out with brand-new fur-free brushes.


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Scrolling around the Tarte site is an impulsive splurge sesh waiting to happen. With its brushes branded vegan-friendly, Tarte knows that a flawless makeup application means a compassionate one, too.

Want more cosmetics that don’t hurt animals? Check out our guide to buying cruelty-free at Sephora!

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