So ya wanna eat fresh without eating any flesh? Don’t worry—we gotcha covered! Subway has a ton of vegan options.

Subway’s Malibu Garden patties are totally vegan, and they’re now available at more than 540 restaurants. It also offers a vegan falafel option at many locations!  But if your local Subway still doesn’t carry either of these, don’t worry—there are still lots of vegan options at Subway. Here’s how to order:

First, decide if you’ll be rockin’ the salad or a sandwich. If you’re getting a sandwich, get the Veggie Delite and head over to step one. Not into the whole carb thing? Order the Veggie Delite Salad and see step two.

subway veggie delight sandwich

Step 1

Pick one of these bread options: • Hearty Italian • Italian • Sourdough • Wrap

Step 2

Customize with your favorite veggies! Try olive ’em—Subway won’t carrot all. 😉 • Shredded lettuce • Tomatoes • Green peppers • Red onions • Cucumbers • Spinach • Olives • Pickles • Jalapeños • Add guac or avocado (Yes, it costs extra!)

Step 3

Make things saucy with any of these options: • Yellow mustard • Deli brown mustard • Oil • Vinegar • Sweet onion sauce • Fat-free Italian dressing • Subway Vinaigrette • Buffalo sauce

subway saladStep 4

Need a side to go with that cruelty-free masterpiece that you just created? Subway ain’t gonna let you down (fair warning: these options vary at each location): • Apple slices • Lay’s Classic chips • SunChips Original • Oven Baked Lay’s

Pro tip: Take your Subway game to the next level by adding your own vegan toppings! Tofurky, vegan mayo, Daiya, and sandwiches are BFF fo’eva.

Daiya Foods  
In case you needed another reason to say, “No cheese, please,” check this out: To keep up milk production, cows are artificially inseminated every year using what farmers call “rape racks.” After calves are born, they’re typically taken from their mothers, causing both mother and calf extreme distress. Many of these calves are then killed for veal—so if you support the dairy industry, you’re also supporting the veal industry. 🙁

Remember to ditch the meat, too! According to the World Health Organization, people who eat processed meat are more likely to get cancer. Ain’t nobody got time for that, especially you—there are animals to save!