Tattoos are more popular now than ever, which means you may be thinking of a way to display your passion for animal rights permanently. But first, make sure that your artist is planning to use vegan tattoo ink. Here’s how:

As you’re checking out tattoo shops, ask which brand of ink they use in order to find out if it’s vegan.

Some tattoo inks are made with animal-derived ingredients. Nonvegan ink may contain bone char, glycerin from animal fat, gelatin from hooves, or shellac from beetles. ?

The good news is that many commercial tattoo inks happen to be 100 percent vegan, so your fave artist may already be using animal-friendly ink! If it’s one of these brands, you’re all set:

What if your tattoo shop doesn’t use one of these brands?

Don’t be afraid to supply this list and ask the artist to order vegan ink for you. You may also want to take along your own razor, since the ones in-house may have a gel strip made from animal fat.

So you’ve got a rad new tattoowhat’s next?

Show it off, duh! Be sure to get yourself some vegan tattoo aftercare. We recommend trying these brands:

No matter what artwork you choose, your vegan tattoo will be an animal rights conversation piece for years to come. Enjoy!