Waffle House operates more than 1,500 restaurants throughout the United States. It’s open 24/7 and is well known for its “scattered” hash browns. (If you’re not familiar with Waffle House lingo, “scattered” means spread out and cooked on both sides. You can also specify how well-done you prefer them—”light” or “dark,” for example.)

Vegans can get Waffle House hash browns five different ways—or a combination of any of the below:

  • “Capped” (with grilled mushrooms)
  • “Diced” (with grilled tomatoes)
  • “Peppered” (with jalapeño peppers)
  • “Smothered” (with sautéed onions)
  • Plain

Don’t be bummed that hash browns are basically the only vegan thing on the menu—the servings are big enough for a whole meal and then some! They come in three sizes: “regular,” “large,” and “triple” (if you’re extra-hungry).

If you want something to go along with your hash brown feast, you can get a garden salad, toast with jelly (ask for it without butter), and soda, juice, coffee, or tea.

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