When it comes to seitan (pronounced “say-tan”), two things are undeniable: It saves lives, and it’s delish.

Also known by its less-inspiring name “wheat gluten,” seitan is a miracle food for lovers of vegan meat. It’s super-filling, inexpensive, and made of pure protein. Think of it as tofu’s sassy BFF.

Which type of dish is seitan best in? ANYTHING your heart desires—soups, stews, stir-fries, sandwiches, tacos, burritos, lettuce wraps, and more.

This vegan meat alternative is popping up in grocery stores all over the country. Look for brands like Sweet Earth, WestSoy, and Upton’s Naturals. If you’ve got skills in the kitchen, make it yourself at home. Chef extraordinaire The Vegan Zombie breaks down how to make homemade seitan for y’all in this video:

In addition to being full of protein, seitan is low in fat —not to mention that it soaks up flavor super-easily. And because it doesn’t contain any soy, as many faux meats do, it opens up tons of possibilities for people who are sensitive to soy.

Need some seitanic inspiration? Check out these recipes:

Pan-Seared Seitan with Mushroom Gravy

Beer-Braised Seitan with Roasted Veggies (for our peta2 members who are over 21)

Vegan Fried Chicken

Spicy Seitan Lettuce Wraps

Chipotle Spiced Seitan Tacos

Try some of these yummy recipes or play around with your own marinades and seasonings.

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