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    Life According to Me

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  • Pantherxxl12

    I'm a therian /otherkin wolf lycanthrope that sees this lifetime in this body as a punishment that the god and goddess has bestowed upon me, but I try my best to do good to all living beings except usually humans which I hate and detest with all my being.

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  • kaevans1


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  • dreamsarebad

    Vegan for 6 years, anarcho-feminist, living with rheumatoid arthritis and 2 cats in a basement in alberta. Most of my friends are vegan, or are going vegan. Don't wait to be invited...

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  • cheleeluvsanimals

    I'm here to speak for the ones who can't speak for themselves. follow me on instagram @thechelseelynn

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  • staypositive

    ♡ Hi! I'm Allie, & I'm vegan. Nice to meet you~ ♡

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  • aimeeluvsanimals

    20. FL. My life consists of Veganism. Art. Tattoos. Singing. Cooking. New Age. Philosophy. DIY crafts.

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  • MelodyDro

    Silly bands. Ipods. Hearts. Kisses. Being in love. Proving someone wrong. Waking up late. Hot chocolate. Fruit. My dog. Veganism. Besties. Tattoos. Nice views. Traveling. Beach. Tanning. Dancing. Pretty bra's. Rock music. The Used. My family. Jesus. Catching someone in a lie. Walking in the rain. Holding hands. Watching sports. Shopping. Eyeliner. Reading. Philosophy. Paranormal. Pop. Wii. Facebook. Tieing my shoes. When I am crushing on someone. Horror movies. Tall guys. Smiles. Painting.

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  • LydiaRawrxP

    my name is Lydia :) I am a vegetarian, but looking into veganism! I also have a daughter named Sophia Rose & an amazing fiancé <3

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  • DarianNorthcutt

    Make it. Love it. Live it. That's called life.

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  • keepTHEfaith

    Hey, my names Lexy ! Straight edge// Vegan// Horror hound// Dramatic arts student// Music lover.

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