What If Your Breakfast Screamed?

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Eggs, bacon, and a glass of milk. Sounds like the traditional “American” breakfast, right? The truth is, the amount of torture and suffering that goes into this simple breakfast is almost unspeakable.


Just imagine if you could hear the screams of piglets as they’re castrated without painkillers, the squawks of mother hens as they’re crammed into battery cages, and the distressed calls of mother cows after their newborn babies are taken away from them.

Suddenly, eating animals for breakfast doesn’t sound so great, does it?

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  • Profile photo of Monaaalisaaa

    385 days ago

    OMG :(

  • Profile photo of kanchiccan6

    406 days ago

    People these days are cruel, selfish and have no passion for animals. Just think if the animals murdered us, let us suffer, kept us in crammed uncomfortable cages. Would those people like it?

  • Profile photo of morganj

    407 days ago

    I was bawling and vomiting throughout the entire video, I will NEVER eat meat again!

  • Profile photo of dropoi

    408 days ago

    GO PETA!

  • Profile photo of hikarimiku

    409 days ago

    That was so horrible to hear for my ears… Q_Q

  • Profile photo of Asiyahm

    410 days ago

    What if I only have a twitter

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      407 days ago

      You can share it on Twitter. :)

  • Profile photo of RomanCakeness

    412 days ago

    How would I share this on pinterest?

    • Profile photo of annie-l

      411 days ago

      You can save it on your computer and upload as your own.

  • Profile photo of

    413 days ago

    Is Instagram okay as well?