Give McCruelty the Bird

Ready to really show Ronald McDonald how you feel about the fact that McDonald’s suppliers torture chickens? Good, because chickens killed for McDonald’s have their throats cut while they’re still conscious and are sometimes scalded to death—and they need your voice … or in this case, your finger.

Get the point across that you want McCruelty to end by giving McDonald’s the bird!

Confused? All right, here are some instructions:

Step 1. Using your middle finger, show a McDonald’s near you exactly what you think of it. Use your camera phone or a digital camera to take a picture of yourself or your friends giving McDonald’s the bird.

Step 2. Make the photo your default on Facebook and MySpace (make sure to tag peta2!). Also, be sure to add your photo to peta2’s Facebook fan page.

Success! Easy, right? Start showing McCruelty how much you’re hatin’ it!

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