• babypanda

    http://www.peta2.com/boards/topic/should-disney-have-their-academy-award-stripped-for-white-wilderness/ This link is about something that has bothered me for a long time. I would like help in starting a campaign or another form of action in the Take Action section of Peta 2. PLEASE help me take action, and work for this cause.

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  • arianaxallonsy

    I am a proud vegan who wants to wake up to a vegan world

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  • sadinath

    Live and Let Live! Enjoy each day to its fullest cuz lost time never returns! Keep Faith, Hope, Trust and Patients Always!

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  • cannablissfully

    Well I have always had a love for music,art,reading,and of course animals <3 Someday I hope I can use my art and music abilities to spread the message That animals are our friends not our food or our property :) .

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  • ilikeducks47

    Vegetarian life. 2+ years and going strong <3

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  • coffeebean0

    My name is Millie. I've been vegetarian since January 2012, and went vegan in October 2013 (so far, so good!) I'm currently a student in college. I love tattoos, coffee, photography, travel, reading, hiking, painting, pottery, long-boarding, and recycling! My dream job is to be a pilot, or a photographer, or possibly both. :)

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  • america115

    Hey there! My name's America & I'm your basic teenager, give or take! I love music, mostly electric dance music & hip-hop & rap! But I enjoy all genres! Favorite Dj's are Zedd, Afrojack, Adventure Club & so much more! I absolutely love animals!!!! I have a wonderful dog that inspires me everyday!

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  • nicolecevans

    A vegan girl from California. I have two indoor rabbits that are free roam (no cages).. Music is something I am very passionate about. And I would love to change the world someday.

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  • sondralyn93

    I have been a vegetarian for a month and slowly transitioning into vegan. I am 20 years old.

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  • 4nancycollins

    Hi I'm Nancy! I have 4 cats, one that is 18, one that is 8, one that is 5, and one that is 11 months old and one bunny.

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  • victinivalient

    I was born in Oklahoma, moved to Texas when I was five, got my first dog when I was 12, began dating my current boyfriend at 16, got my second dog on my 19th birthday. I got my current dog shortly after, and now I'm in college working to be a social worker for child welfare.

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  • maddiemoo

    girl. 16. vegan. animal rights activist.

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  • vineet

    Enjoys life as it comes!

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  • pannabear


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  • shark

    Yes, I am a cat. a vegan cat. Meow... that is cat speak for: I love animals very much, and their welfare is important to me.

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