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Posted March 25, 2005 by Ray Harkins

Remember how we told you about J. Lo being educated about wearing fur on a live radio show in Australia? Hey, she asked for it! Anyway, now you can download the audio clip and play it for all your friends at
Please, try your hand at educating J. Lo. Tell her exactly what you think about her shameless promotion of the violent fur industry and what a low-down, dirty, rotten shame it is.

Jennifer Lopez c/o BWR
9100 Wilshire Blvd., 6th Fl. W.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

The Roger Sisters’ Jennifer Rogers is Vegetarian
Jennifer Rogers of The Rogers Sisters went vegetarian thanks to the influence of one of her roommates. When Jennifer began reading about the health concerns associated with an animal-based diet, she realized why she felt so sluggish all the time. 15 years later, Jennifer is still vegetarian and she’s healthier than ever. Jennifer says that whenever she thinks about animals living in filth on factory farms, she can’t help but imagine her dog being in such a situation. No need for me to tell you all of this; you can watch Jennifer’s video interview on PETA2 and hear what she had to say for yourself.

Now Showing on PETA2 TV
Jennifer From The Rogers Sisters

Houston Street Teamer Speaks Out Against Rodeos.
In an article published in Texas A&M’s campus newspaper, The Battalion, Street Teamer Sarah O’Day got the chance to get the word out about the truth behind the rodeo. Here’s what she had to say:
“I really think they should stop rodeos,” said Sarah O’Day, a freshman biomedical science major. “The animals don’t have an opinion. They can’t say they don’t want to participate. In this day and age, the participants try to make the animals seem so wild when the animals’ responses are actually being provoked. A lot of the animals are aggravated with electric prodders in order to get them to buck or run faster. I have heard stories about animals that run out of the shoots so fast that they run into walls or fences and injure themselves.”
As a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals or PETA, O’Day is concerned about animal safety. As a main attraction of the HLSR, Rodeo Houston is the largest in the world. Although the rodeo has implemented numerous safety measures for the animals, O’Day said many of the events are unethical. The bucking straps used to get horses and bulls to “buck” and the calf roping event are two of O’Day’s largest concerns.
“The bucking horses have a strap around their abdomen to get them to buck,” O’Day said. “According to PETA, Ohio and Pittsburgh have banned bucking straps due to the cruel nature of the placement of the strap. A fair amount of the people watching these events have no idea what is going on. Many times the rodeo organizers will cover up the cruelty and the audience never knows what has happened.”
For more information on rodeos, check out
PETA2’s Latest Star.
There’s a new Star Street Teamer on PETA2. His name is José Ettiene Ortiz Medina, and as it turns out, he went vegan because of a PETA2 “We Are Not Nuggets” ad! Ettiene does a fantastic job of helping animals in Puerto Rico, from adopting stray animals to leafleting and protesting outside of KFC restaurants. Take a look at PETA2’s interview with Ettiene. Follow his lead and you could be the next Star.

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