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Posted June 1, 2007 by peta2 staff

In case you haven’t noticed, tour and festival season is picking up, and last weekend a bunch of our summer staffers went to Detroit to do some outreach for the animals. Here’s an example of what went down.

First up, the peeps drove from Virginia to Michigan (in one day). One of their food stops was Web of Life which is like a wonderland of vegan soft serve ice cream, fake meats, and tons more! Why did Paige choose to have a photo of her holding salad dressing despite the incredible non-salad related goodness behind her? I have absolutely no idea at all.

Movement 07

Next up, take a look at peta2 powerhouse Loyd getting some people to sign our petition against KFC. Just between you and me, he could most likely beat me at arm wrestling… in case you were wondering.

Detroit Electronic Music Festival

And finally, since this was all at an event called Movement ’07 (Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival), you have to expect some people to be pretty creatively dressed. And well, that’s where this photo of Robyn comes in.


Our peta2 team was out there for three glorious days, got thousands of people to take info and sign the petition, and then had the pleasure of doing the drive back to our peta2 HQ all over again. I can’t wait to see what they’ll be up to next!

Oh and by the way, Happy June and Happy Friday! I’m going to play soccer tomorrow, so excited!

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