PETA Crashes Cavalli Catwalk

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Posted September 28, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

A mere two days after the Burberry invasion, guess who strikes again? That’s right, PETA activists crashed yet another Milan Fashion Week event, only this time it was Roberto Cavalli’s party that we invited ourselves to. Of course we mixed it up a bit though, adding two more activists to our parade of do-gooders, you know, just to keep the security guards on their toes. They must get pretty bored standing around watching waifs prance up and down the runway in clothes most real people would never be able to afford. Let’s face it, our disruptions are probably the highlight of their week, unless of course a skirmish about seating or who stole who’s bf breaks out between the Olsens, Lohan, and the Hiltons.
Catwalk crashers!
This time our crusaders were armed with “Cavalli = Cruelty” banners as they leaped from their seats and took over the runway, delaying the Just Cavalli show and putting a damper on the designer of death’s big day. Of course all of this could have been avoided if only he would have agreed to meet with us, and to put an end to his outrageous use of fur. Cavalli, who walks around saying that he just loves animals, uses the fur from pretty much every animal you can think of in his lines. That makes me wonder what he does to the people he loves…can you say taxidermy? So, how much do you love animals? Enough to pledge not to wear them, I hope. Enjoy the pix and stay tuned because you just never know what else we’ve got up our sleeves for the rest of the week…
You can suck it, Cavalli!
Cav 1.jpg

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