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Posted January 25, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

Along with the peta2 blog, the Vegan Lunchbox is one of the best blogs out there, a daily reminder of how delicious eating vegan is these days. I am by far, the biggest junk food vegan that has ever lived, but I still enjoy looking at photos of stuffed veggies and other mouth-watering delights. I would share photos of my lunch, but seeing as I eat Boca Spicy Chik’n patties and Dr. Pepper 3 times a day, my photos wouldn’t be nearly as interesting. SO, until a rock hits me in the head and I forget how much I love junk food, check out for food-related goodness. Also, be sure to vote for the Lunchbox in the sixth annual Bloggies – it’s been nominated for best food blog!
Speaking of scrumptious veggie foods, our buddy Pierre from Rilo Kiley wrote us about his feelings on the McVeggie. Here’s an excerpt of his letter. Whether you’re a fan of Rilo Kiley or not, please read it with an open mind. (If you aren’t a fan of Rilo Kiley, I have to say, “WTF?”)

I’d like to urge people to go to McDonalds. Yep, Micky-D’s. The reason is that they are actually among the only fast food restaurants that carry a veggie burger, and are, of course, the most prominent. I have actually been a frequenter there for it, and by the way it’s a real tasty Yves patty that they use, and recently found that they are slated to be discontinued. I am a big believer of being active on the demand side to elicit the supply side of vegetarianism. Because it unfortunately boils down to economics, especially for the big chains. The only way to ensure alternative things like veggie burgers at McDonalds, Burger King, or wherever is for
there to be enough consumers for them to justify carrying them. So I am therefore putting a call out for folks to forget about their SuperSize Mediscontent and go down there and order a McVeggie! I’d like to urge people to be active in not only NOT eating meat, but also in economically demanding alternative meat products… all the better a big chain like McDonalds.I feel that McDonalds and the like have taken a chance, probably more for PR reasons, but also to test the market and see if they can make a profit selling these things… But I fear that the numbers just didn’t come in for them and so are pulling the plug. Anyway, my sights might be too ambitious, but perhaps if site’s like yours and others could get into the common psyche that it would be a good thing to support the one good thing that is coming out of McDonalds and not let them be able to say “we tried that, but nobody wanted them”. It’s been easy until now to protest them blanketedly, but now there’s one very important exception to the rule… blanket protesting only further hinders any progress that they might be making by keeping dollars out of there pockets… Pointed dallars that could indicate to them that there is a tangible market for meatless products.

I have to say, I couldn’t agree more. One of the primary reasons that people I talk to give for why they don’t think they can go vegetarian is that they don’t think there are options for them when they eat out. Having a veggie burger at McDonalds is such a huge step forward for animals, and it would be foolish for we vegans not to support it. I proclaim with pride that I am a McVeggie eater. If the McDonalds near you has veggie burgers, do yourself and the animals a favor, and go buy one (or buy one for a stranger). I bought about 5 or 6 the last time I was in New York, and whenever I travel, I make a point of checking to see if the local McDonalds carries the burger.

Trent Reznor of NIN (not to be confused with Nim) narrated a new video for peta2, exposing the Chinese fur trade for the horror show that it really is. Check out his videotoday, but be forewarned, it’s a tear jerker.

All you college folks, if you get mtvUon your campus, keep an eye out today and tomorrow for a clip about Trent’s video.

Youtubeis one of the best Web sites ever in my humble opinion. Joel bought a few million dollars worth of vegan waffles at buy one get one free, and Pulin filmed him pwning all of them.

Rofl my vegan waffles!


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