Spooky Things That Happen to Animals

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Posted October 31, 2012 by Rachelle Owen

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Being an animal is scary. You’re usually small in comparison to your surroundings, and you’re usually surrounded by people who want to kill you and eat your body. WTF? Imagine if a zombie apocalypse were real—it kind of IS for animals on factory farms, isn’t it? Gross.

In honor of Halloween (only the greatest holiday ever), here are the top 10 spookiest things that happen to animals:

  1. This one’s for the guys: Piglets on factory farms are often castrated without any painkillers when they’re just days old.
  2. Turned off by those offensive rape scenes in horror films like The Last House on the Left? Don’t visit a dairy farm! Female cows are forcibly impregnated on devices called “rape racks.”
  3. Like to smoke? Dogs don’t. But dogs, primates, and other animals are forced to inhale smoke and ingest addictive drugs.
  4. The Draize test: Even the name of this one sounds creepy. In this test, rabbits are kept in restraining devices so that chemicals can be dripped and rubbed into their eyes. Yep. Happens.
  5. Anal: Electrocution, that is. Animals on fur farms spend their whole life in tiny cages until they’re killed—by being bludgeoned, gassed, or anally or vaginally electrocuted.
  6. Death show: Could you imagine being shoved onto a stage with thousands watching you, getting stabbed repeatedly, and bleeding to death? Feel lucky that you’re not a bull.
  7. Gassed to death: Every time someone buys a puppy from a breeder or a pet store, a dog at a shelter loses his or her chance of being adopted—and some are even killed in gas chambers.
  8. Creepy clowns and regular beatings? Welcome to the life of an elephant trapped in a circus.
  9. Piece by piece: Cows at slaughterhouses are hung up by one leg and dismembered, sometimes while they are still conscious and able to feel pain.
  10. Could you imagine being ground up alive? It’s a sad reality for male chicks born on egg farms. See for yourself, here.

See? Freddy Krueger’s not so scary after all.

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