21 Images Guaranteed to STOP You From Visiting Zoos

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Posted November 20, 2014 by peta2 staff

Most of us probably visited zoos as children because we loved animals and wanted to get close to them. However, keeping wild animals in captivity is unethical for many reasons. Zoo enclosures are extremely tiny and cramped compared to the massive space that animals were meant to exist in. Depriving animals of the natural environment they deserve prohibits them from fulfilling their most basic needs. On top of this, zoos often treat animals as products to be bought, sold, and borrowed with little to no regard for the families or communities they’ve created. And older and “boring” animals are sometimes even sold to seedy roadside zoos or parks!

The following images depict the deep suffering that animals in captivity endure. These pictures were taken in Australia, Canada, and the United States.

1. This eagle can see the sky but will never know how high he can fly.

2. Ironically, this macaw sits alone while the sign outside his prison reads, “Macaws mate for life.”

3. Would you want to spend YOUR life being gawked at by children …


4. … or listening to their high-pitched screaming?

5. You can SEE the suffering on his face …

6. … and in her eyes.

7. This tiny enclosure in Canada gives him no respite from tourists’ eyes.

8. What did this elephant do to end up in a prison?

9. Why does she have to live behind bars?

10. This roadside zoo is an exhibition of sadness.

11. He was never meant to live like this.

12. She deserves better.

13. This girl shouldn’t be walking on painful wire-mesh flooring.

14. The zookeepers were too busy even to spread out this straw.

15. Imagine occupying this tiny space …

16. … or THIS one for your ENTIRE life.

17. Imagine your life as a tourist attraction …

18. … under the guise of “education” …

19. … with no way out.

20. She’s searching for freedom …

21. … but will never find it.

Animals weren’t meant to live in prisons. Please stand up for animals. Make the decision today NEVER to visit another zoo.

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  • Profile photo of Doeidgirl

    642 days ago

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    Zoos are prisons for innocent animals. Today there is NO reason for zoos when we can see wonderful animals anytime online in their natural habitats. #Evolve

  • Profile photo of abhahetfield

    781 days ago

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    this made me really sad..I wish they would all close

  • Profile photo of peta24ever

    783 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    Just breaks my heart :/

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