Hanging With Nick From A Rocket to the Moon

Posted by  peta2 staff

artm-by-eric-ryan-andersonEric Ryan Anderson

We’ve been following the sweet pop-rock sounds of A Rocket to the Moon for what seems like forever, so we were super-excited to hang out with Nick Santino—you know, the band’s super-cute lead vocalist and guitar player.

Over the years, our friendship with the band members has blossomed, and we’ve learned that they know what’s up when it comes to animal adoption (remember their totally adorbs public service announcement?) and that they’ll never wear fur or eat KFC. A few days before the band announced that its summer tour would be the last, Nick came out to peta2 HQ to play us some tunes and chat about his dogs.

Like Nick says, animals aren’t toys! If you’re thinking about bringing a dog, a cat, or any rescued animal into your home, it’s important to know that you’re ready and able to take on the responsibility. Be sure that these apply to you:

  • You can afford to take on a companion animal.
  • You are able to walk, feed, and play with your new pal.
  • You will always spay and neuter! Do everything that you can to help the animal overpopulation crisis.


Fill out the form below and pledge always to adopt your animal companions and to have them spayed or neutered. Together, we can help end animal homelessness!



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    i met him and he was this sweetest person ever <3 He is a true man.