12 Celebs Fighting For Freedom For All

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Posted February 20, 2014 by peta2 staff

The fight for equality for all beings—regardless of race, sex, or species—is one that we can all help with. In honor of Black History Month, here are some of our fave celebs who want for justice for all.

Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka Flame Chooses 'Ink, Not Mink'

Over the years, Waka has become one of our top voices when it comes to speaking out against cruelty to animals.

Tia Mowry


 Let veganism grow on you—because you might just love it!



Vegetarian and outspoken, k-os never disappoints.

Kid Ink

kid ink ink not mink psa

As someone who has always loved animals, Kid Ink finds it easy to make the connection between the animals killed on fur farms and the animals we share our homes with, telling peta2, “I could never think of my dog getting skinned or anything happening to him.”

Maurice Jones-Drew


Maurice jones drew ink not mink fur psa

After learning that animals used for their fur are beaten, electrocuted, drowned, and even skinned alive, Maurice posed for a hard-hitting peta2 ad to remind fans to be comfortable in their own skin and let animals keep theirs.


Chilli horizontal circus psa

TLC’s Chilli knows that she has the choice to perform as an entertainer—animals do not.

Antoine Bethea

Antoine bethea ink not mink fur psa

In his peta2 “Ink, Not Mink” public service announcement, Antoine Bethea encourages fans to “play hard and make kind choices” for animals.

China Anne McClain

china anne mcclain hi res bff ad

China Anne McClain loves her dog Cujo so much that she wants people to know how important it is to give their furry BFFs lots of love, proper care, and tons of attention.

Metta World Peace


Metta World Peace wants peace for all—and that includes animals, as he encourages people to report animal abuse.

Angela Simmons

Angela Simmons for peta2

Angela—a devout Christian, the daughter of Rev. Run, and the star of the hit MTV shows Run’s House and Daddy’s Girls—was inspired by her uncle Russell Simmons to adopt a vegetarian diet.

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman Ink Not Mink Ad

 He is the ultimate bad boy and also has a heart for animals. Who knew?

Travie McCoy


Travie knows that you don’t need any fur or fur trim to look hot and fashionable.

While Black History Month only comes around once a year, we honor all beings all year long!

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