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Posted April 6, 2005 by Rachelle Owen

Last month the China Fur Commission(CFC) claimed that China adopted international practices such as electric shock and injection to slaughter fur animals, and said that the expose done by Swiss Animal Protection and East International was invented or exaggerated. Yesterday the Beijing News, with a circulation 500,000, published an article based on the field investigation of their own journalists. Their report and the photographs they gathered corroborate the findings of animals being skinned alive and beaten to death with sticks. If you’re fluent in Chinese, take a look at the article for yourself. No matter what language you speak, the following video speaks volumes.

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As hard as this video may be to watch, remember that what you are seeing is everyday life for the hundreds of millions of animals killed for their fur each year. Please consider using the html code given below to add this video to your blog or other personal page today.

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River of Blood
Patti Davis, daughter of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, is the latest celebrity to take a stand against the cruel Canadian seal hunt. In her article for Newsweek titled “River of Blood,” Patti writes:
How have we allowed this barbarism to increase? Are we so numb that we don’t care anymore about hundreds of thousands of innocent animals who did nothing but be born? If most of us rounded a corner on a highway and saw a slaughter like this, we would call the police, we would scream until our throats gave out, we would probably charge the men with clubs. We wouldn’t say, “I’d do something, but there are so many other problems in the world …” The fact that it’s taking place in Canada doesn’t remove our responsibility.
Read her full article, and pass it on to your friends and family.
PETA’s Latest Anti-fur Billboard
While we’re on the subject of the seal hunt, take a look at this PETA billboard that recently went up in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada.

The billboard is already attracting tremendous media attention, and similar billboards have also risen in New York City and Denver, Colorado.

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    OMG! this was so sad i actually started crying

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