Vick To Plead Guilty

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Posted August 20, 2007 by peta2 staff

Vick has finally admitted his guilt! Michael Vick has reportedly accepted a plea deal—and a likely prison sentence—to avoid additional federal charges related to a professional dogfighting operation, one of his attorneys had told The Virginia-Pilotnewspaper.

We’re still waiting on the details, but we’re happy knowing that if a celebrity with Vick’s amount of money and his team of lawyers can’t get out of legal trouble (and hopefully can’t get out of serving jail time) then anyone else who fights dogs had better head for the hills.

On a more somber note, when Vicks co-defendants entered their plea agreements on Friday some details came out about the dogs being hung. It is pretty chilling stuff, so I give kudos to the media outlets who covered it.

This article by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, for instance, is very good in a tough to read kinda way. Here’s a powerful excerpt:

They were hung from trees in the woods behind Michael Vick’s house, eight dogs left there to die, kicking and screaming.

The pit bulls had made the mistake of failing the test. They weren’t mean enough, quick enough, strong enough in the ring, so they were of no more use to Vick’s Bad Newz dogfighting operation.

Imagine, killing a dog because it’s just too nice.

Five of the dogs finally kicked their last breaths away as the ropes cut deeper and deeper into their throats. Three somehow clung to life.

Vick and two of his henchmen, growing impatient, cut those three down and one by one shoved their heads into five-gallon buckets filled with water, drowning them to finish them off.

Try keeping your breakfast down after hearing that report on ESPN.

The inhumanity, the callousness, the abuse of these innocent, helpless animals is almost beyond comprehension.

There is something you can do though. PETA is again calling on the NFL to add cruelty to animals— in all its forms— to its “Personal Conduct Policy.” This case has clearly shown that NFL fans are just as outraged by cruelty to animals as any of the other antisocial behaviors outlined in the policy. Click hereto contact the NFL now!

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  • 3172 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    what a discusting act, why would these so called men do this to poor animals,who are at the mercy of their owners…little did these innocent puppies know what they were in for when they were born 2 a life like this forcing them 2 fight is bad enough but why hang them from trees? its shows a horrific personality and very scary, its very sad and its becoming all the more popular to fight dogs in the uk, i think they should push for the highest sentance possible for these so called human beings

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