Where Can I Buy Vegan Sports Gear?

Here’s a jaw-dropping stat: It takes 24,000 cows to give the NFL enough leather for a year’s supply of footballs—and six cows just for the footballs used in every Super Bowl. 😢🐮 Animal skins are often used to make other sports equipment, too. There’s no reason why having fun through sports should come at the expense of animals. Up your game to a compassionate level by getting vegan sports gear from these companies.

Eco Sports (Various Products)

When you buy from Eco Sports, everyone walks away with a W. 😏 The company makes high-quality vegan sports gear using eco-friendly and biodegradable materials. You can get volleyballs, soccer balls, footballs, and more without worrying that your gear was produced at the expense of animals or the environment.

Grishko (Ballet Slippers)

Dance is beautiful, but there’s nothing glamorous about wearing dead animals on your feet. 😶 Some ballet slippers are made of silk and leather—which humans get by boiling or gassing silkworms alive and skinning cows and other animals, respectively. 😱 We can’t support this cruelty, so let’s get our ballet slippers from Grishko, a company that offers a canvas slipper and uses vegan glue. If you specify in your order that you want vegan slippers, the company won’t use any potentially nonvegan materials to make your pair. 🩰

Gopher (Baseball Gloves)

Help deal the cruel leather industry a major blow by grabbing one of Gopher’s gloves. The Gopher Impact Zone All-Synthetic Baseball Gloves are light and flexible, plus they have palm paddings that resist moisture and absorb shock. 😲 Synthetic leather is much easier to break in than leather made from animals’ skin, so you’ll be ready to roll in no time at all.

Tachikara (Volleyballs)

Since Tachikara uses foam-backed synthetic materials for its volleyballs, you can bump, set, and spike with a clear conscience. 😅🏐 If you’re buying a competition ball, choose one made of Sensi-Tec microfiber. If you’re buying a performance ball, choose one made of the woven-fiber “v100” composite. All Tachikara training balls are already made of Sensi-Tec microfiber, so you don’t have to filter your search for a cruelty-free option. 😎

DICK’S Sporting Goods (Baseballs)

If you’re in the market for baseballs rn, be sure to avoid ones made of animal-derived leather. Balls made of synthetic materials are better in every way—they’re compassionate to animals, easier to keep clean, and more durable. ✔️ Go with DICK’S Sporting Goods’ Synthetic Baseballs for animal-friendly balls that’ll last all season. ⚾

Spalding (Basketballs)

When you’re playing a game of HORSE with your friends, you def don’t want to use a ball made from animals’ skin. 🙅 Instead, bounce on over to your local sporting goods store and pick up some rubber basketballs, which are just as common as leather ones. 🏀 Try the Spalding Varsity Outdoor Rubber Basketball—it’s designed for asphalt, so you can play pickup games at the park or on the blacktop all day long.


Busy gearing up for the Super Bowl? There’s only one thing that makes a huge game like this even better: delicious game-day snacks! Serve up some vegan wings to celebrate the animal-friendly way.

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