Vegan Sneakers for Your Tenniscore Fit

TikTok’s tenniscore trend has been blowing up ever since audiences saw actor Zendaya in the 2024 tennis-themed movie Challengers. 😍 Thankfully, most skirts, knit dresses, shirts, and other clothing items associated with tenniscore aren’t made using animal-derived materials—but what about sneakers? 🤔 Here are the sportiest vegan sneakers to wear as you hop on the tenniscore trend 👟:

Reebok Classic SP Women’s Vegan Shoes

Buying these synthetic leather shoes helps deal a blow to the animal-derived leather industry, which keeps cows and other animals in cramped conditions, slaughters them for their skin, and sometimes even skins them alive. 😭🐮 Don’t support this cruelty—go vegan!

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather SAMO Vegan Low Top Sneakers (White)

If you love hitting the tennis court, don’t forget these vegan court sneakers. They’re designed to up your tennis game and look stylish at the same time. 🎾

Saye Modelo ’65 Sneakers (Violet)

All kinds of animal-friendly materials—bamboo, organic cotton, and even leftover materials from a mattress factory—go into Saye’s sneakers. 🤯 Plus, the company funds the growth of two trees for each pair of shoes it sells. 🌳🌳

Nike Legend Essential 2 Women’s Workout Shoes

These shoes’ side-to-side support and extra grip make them a feet-friendly choice for any type of athletic feat. 😉 Wear them to work out or just to serve looks as you walk around town.

MATT & NAT MARCI Women’s Vegan Sneakers

These lace-up sneakers from MATT & NAT are made using recycled materials. ♻️ MATT & NAT is a 100% cruelty-free company—so all its shoes are vegan and no materials involved are tested on animals.

Will’s Vegan Store Berlin Trainers

The Italian vegan leather used for these sneakers is made from plants in a carbon-neutral process. 🌎❤️ You’ll get a pair of white laces in addition to the black ones so you can switch your look from one day to the next.

V.GAN Olive Women’s Recycled Cotton Vegan Pump Trainers (White)

Here’s a lesson in Fashion 101: White shoes—especially the ones from V.GAN, available through Immaculate Vegan—go with literally everything. 💁 Try out the theory for yourself by pairing these with any type of fit.

ECOALF Princealf Knit Woman Blue Lilac Sneakers

These sporty, sophisticated, and breathable shoes from ECOALF are available through avesu and check off all the tenniscore boxes. ✔️✔️✔️ Plus, the knit material they’re made of is created from recycled plastics—such as water bottles, fishing nets, and car tires—so buying a pair will help clean up debris from animals’ homes.

nae Pole White Vegan Low-Top Lace-Up Sneakers

These low-top urban sneakers have a timeless, minimalistic look. 😎 Pro tip: Order one size up for the comfiest fit.

Superga 2750 Cotu Classic Shoes

These canvas shoes from Superga come in 61 colors and aren’t made using animal-derived materials. 🥳


When in doubt, just check the label. If you see one of the symbols below, you’re good to go—the item was made with vegan materials.

materials symbols

But if you see one of these symbols, put that sneaker down—it’s not vegan! Either of these symbols means the item is made of skins. Gross.

materials symbols

Tenniscore isn’t the only footwear trend you can easily veganize. Grab some vegan cowboy boots to pull off a classic country look without harming animals. 👌

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