1.  Bust out your fancy pants

We all know that it’s important to ring in a new year looking fresh, which is why classy New Year’s Eve parties are the only way to go. While you’re out shopping for some new fly threads for your epic bash, make sure that you’re helping animals feel fly this holiday, too. Avoid wool, angora, leather, and fur, and treat yourself instead to a fancy new ‘fit that’s entirely cruelty-free (after all, torture just ain’t sexy!). And be sure to check out our glam guide to take your NYE look to the next level while helping animals.

forever 21 dress

Stores like Forever 21 have tons of cruelty-free party outfits (just check the labels). ‘Cause everything’s better when you’re looking this good!

2. Makeup

OK, ladies (and boys, too, if you’re into it!), let’s not pretend that we don’t all try and seriously step up our makeup game for New Year’s Eve. If you’re anything like me, getting ready in the morning consists of rolling out of bed, maybe brushing your hair, and heading out the front door. If you’re not like me at all and you actually have some skills in the eye-shadow/mascara/lipstick department, then kudos (and I’d like to learn your ways someday). Regardless, New Year’s Eve is time for ALL of us to shine, and let’s remember to help animals used for cosmetics testing this holiday by using only cruelty-free makeup! Check out this nifty cruelty-free shopping guide, and since the holidays probably broke your bank like they did mine, here are some noteworthy and cheap vegan beauty products!

sugarpill makeup

Sugarpill Cosmetics has tons of cute vegan eye-shadow options. Yay for saving that cash AND animals (all while looking extremely fly!)

3. Vegan hors d’œuvres

As hard to pronounce and spell as they are tasty and integral to any epic bash, hors d’œuvres will impress your guests! Whether you whip up some stuffed mushrooms, jalapeño poppers, or bruschetta, serve these delish, fancy, and cruelty-free finger foods with some of those little party napkins and watch as your party instantly becomes a next-level classy soirée! Get the recipes here: vegan appetizers!

vegan buffalo wings

Don’t mind me while I sneak this entire plate into the kitchen and eat every single one.

4. Tunes

You know those painfully awkward quiet moments at parties? Well, your party guests won’t this New Year’s Eve! Throw on some tunes from these totally awesome bands (who also happen to be heroes for animals): bands and musicians.


Whoa, they rock AND they love animals!?

5. Responsible partying for the 21+ vegan

Nothing says “classy” quite like martini glasses with olives on toothpicks! Let’s keep in mind, though, that classy can quickly become TRASHY once you’ve had one too many, so if you’re legally old enough to drink, make sure that you’re keeping it safe this year (no one likes a party pooper!). Know what else is trashy? Cruelty to animals! So check out these tips for keeping it real classy and compassionate with your beverage choices at your NYE bash.


Party time! If you’re under the legal drinking age, be sure to make it virgin instead.

6. Make a compassionate New Year’s resolution

Rather than making a resolution this year that you know you’re going to break (like me every single year when I say, “Starting tomorrow, I’m going to become one of those people with a gym membership!”), keep your activist awesomeness going strong in 2014 by making your resolution about animal rights! Not fully vegan yet? Pledge to go vegan in 2014! Still wearing UGGs? Ditch ‘em in the new year! Check out just some of the animals who will be helped by your compassionate resolution, such as these pigs, who will benefit if you go vegan: too cute to eat! Or these bunnies, who need everyone to be fur- and angora-free in 2014: thanks for not wearing me!

peta2 merch cute dog

Make 2014 a great year for animals!

7. Keep this classy bash going ’til the sun comes up

We all know that New Year’s Eve means a late night. Since your bash is going to be SO awesome, it could easily become an early morning! Check out these delish vegan breakfast recipes to keep the party stragglers happy and impressed with your party-throwing skills, even as the sun comes up: breakfast of party champions!

Eating a tofu scramble breakfast

OK, so after this, you can totally kick your lingering guests out and get some sleep!

Happy 2014, everyone! Thanks for partying hard (and responsibly) for animals this year!