Laura Vandervoort has teamed up with peta2 to see how long she can stay inside an industrial-size freezer, as she stands up for dogs who are chained and penned outside during the freezing winter months. The Toronto-born actor knows about frigid winters, and she knows that being outside 24/7 is miserable, lonely, and sometimes even deadly for dogs. 💔

How long do you think Laura can brave the 18-degree cold?

While Laura can escape the cold, dogs who are chained or penned outside have little to no protection from the elements and are often ignored. Every winter, they suffer and die on chains and in backyard pens after their water sources freeze or they lose the struggle against hypothermia. 

All dogs deserve loving families and warm, cozy homes, but many don’t have these things. Dogs who are left outdoors often don’t have access to adequate food, water, veterinary care, shelter, or companionship. On icy winter nights, they are often left to shiver while their ears and the tips of their tails get frostbitten.

If it’s too cold for us, it’s too cold for dogs!

Share this video and join Laura in getting out the message that all dogs need shelter and companionship. 💕

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