Alicia Bognanno has seriously had enough. As lead singer of the rad band Bully, she and her bandmates have been hard at work on their upcoming album. Even so, she still found time to pursue another passion close to her heart: animal rights.

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This all-around badass is sick of animal abuse at SeaWorld, and she has a lot to say about this abusement park. Check it out:

Animals at SeaWorld endure incredible amounts of suffering. These intelligent, social ocean animals are kept in incredibly small tanks. They don’t have access to everything natural to them. In the wild, orcas can naturally swim up to 100 miles a day in the open ocean, but those held captive at SeaWorld are confined to tanks so small that they can do nothing but swim in circles all day or float listlessly.

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Despite SeaWorld’s efforts to rebrand itself, it continues to confine 28 orcas and more than 100 dolphins and whales swimming in endless circles and breaking their teeth in frustration from gnawing on the concrete corners and metal bars of their tiny tanks right now. SeaWorld has the means and ability to create coastal sanctuaries, where orcas and other animals can swim and socialize freely. However, the marine park chooses to stick with the same inhumane business model it has used for the last 50 years.

“Treat animals the way that you want to be treated or that you would want your family members or your loved ones to be treated.”

– Alicia Bognanno

To make matters worse, whales and dolphins, species that don’t closely interact with each other in the wild, are kept together in small tanks. This highly stressful, unnatural situation makes dominant animals become very aggressive and attack more submissive animals, which often results in very painful, serious injuries. While animals in the wild can swim away from aggressive encounters, being confined in cramped tanks at SeaWorld makes escape impossible.

Can you imagine yourself being held captive and confined to a bathtub your entire life? Depression, or maybe even insanity, would undoubtedly set in.

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Please take a stand against SeaWorld, like Alicia, by refusing to buy a ticket and telling your friends to steer clear of the abusement park.